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Read our Rules or get banned !

The main visions of PrivateHYIPForum

PrivateHYIPForum is a family oriented community composed of honest and authentic investors who like sharing their hyip experiences.
Our forum is discussing about passive income programs.
Our community does not support cheerleaders, paid monitors, passive income programs admins, referral sharks and all guys only interested to have a money gain only for themselves.
Such members are not welcome to our community :
  • Biased HYIP monitor admins or bloggers
  • Members only trying to push their website or business on the forum
  • Spammers and Scammers
Such members are welcome to our community :
  • Students or retired people looking for an extra income BUT don’t need absolutely this extra income to live
  • Seasonned HYIP Players
  • Authentic private investors
  • Newbie investors looking for learning more about this industry with right minded people
  • People who have fun at playing games like Casinos or Poker games
  • People who are tired of all the lies told about this industry in other medias and looking for some truth
The goal is to work together to help us to have the best chances to make a profit in those passive income programs.
If you don’t share our vision, we will ask you not to register an account.

Note that any visitor can still visit our programs list by clicking the dedicated tab at the top of the forum.

General rules
  • Report all abusers
  • Do not be a paid-poster like those at talkgold or MoneyMakerGroup. http://privatehyipforum.com is about connecting private , investors together , helping newbies and build a solid network so you know longer work alone. Let's discuss updates, strategies, knowledge, experience, etc together !
  • No advertisement allowed
  • No ref links anywhere except if the administration allows you to do it
  • No Team Builds allowed in the forum. If a member starts doing that, they will be banned!
  • A member is not allowed to invite an hyip admin in the forum. They kill the community spirit, we want to be the winners, not the losers
  • If you have some feelings one of our member administrate hyips programs, you can tell us about that privately (by Private Message to Colaro and Moderators). Send us some proofs. We will act accordingly. We will reward you with some FREE money if it's really true!
  • Respect the opinions of all members and control your emotions anytime - Get banned for any racist comment, inappropriate language
  • FREE ECurrency exchange requests have to be approved by the staff. Read the particular rules in the FREE e-currency exchange folder for more information
  • No cheerleading – If you get caught, you are banned immediately
General rules about the profile of a member
  • A member can only share a link to their website in their profile page
  • A member has to choose a decent username. A username like “xyz” will not be accepted
  • A member can't use their website logo for their Avatar. This is advertising and it's not allowed on this forum.
  • A member can’t use their website or any others' for their username
The main member status and their given rights

As soon as a member is registered in PrivateHYIPForum, they have unknown member status.
As a unknown member, they have access to
  • All public articles (they click the dedicated tab at the top of the forum),
  • The Get started section (they click the dedicated tab, yet they don’t have access to all parts of this section)
  • The three chatboxes of hyipchat.com (one for the discussions, one for reporting payouts, one for breaking news and scam alerts)
  • A limited access to the forum folders particularly they can’t read & participate in the passive income programs discussions
  • Access to the DO NOT INVEST section but without the details
In order to have access to all parts of the forum and to start participating, an unknown member has to introduce to our community by clicking the “Introduce You” tab.
The introduction has to contain original contents, some examples :
  • What is your background with income passive programs ?
  • What makes you interested by those income passive programs ?
  • Why do you want to be a member in our forum ?
  • What is your goal in this forum ?
  • Do you like sharing your experience with others ? Are you looking to improve your experience with passive income programs ?
You will have to wait for our staff to improve your introduction. We reserve the right to deny any introduction particularly if we have some doubts about your real goal in our forum.
As soon as your introduction is approved, your status is updated to Basic Member.
A Basic Member has access to nearly all parts of our forum :
  • The FREE eccurencies exchange offers
  • The specific discussion folders about passive income programs
  • All the portfolios managed by some members in our forum
  • The red flag alerts section
  • The unnamed section (programs you need some opinions from other members)
  • All the details of programs in DO NOT INVEST section
There are also some areas only available to upgraded members. Upgraded members are members who bring, for some time already, some great values to the community :
  • Silver Members, upgraded by the administration and moderators. They have access to a special thread filled with free courses, guides, articles and tools.
  • Gold Members, voted between the Silver Members for upgrade by the current Gold Members, the administration and moderators
  • Private Heros : They submitted their candidature to share between all members their own hyip portfolio. They have their own page that they update as regularly as possible. They have similar rights as the Gold Members.
Senior members are composed of Gold Members, Private Heros, Administrators and Moderators.

The PrivateHYIPPool Rewards Program main features

A member who has at least Basic Member status participates automatically in our PrivateHYIPPool Rewards Program. The aim of PrivateHYIPPool Rewards Program is to reward with some real money our best active members.
The PHP rewards Program has a dedicated tab in the forum menu named “Rewards Program” you can see at the top of the forum.

The PrivateHYIPPool Rewards Program is based on the number of points accumulated by a member between the beginning of a current month until the end of current month.
A Basic member starts with 60 points.
A various number of activities are proposed to the members. For each activity completed successfully, member got points.
The number of points given depends on the activity :
  • Malus activity – Such activity substracts the given points to their account
  • Bonus activity – Such activity adds the given points to their account
A summary of all bonus & malus activities can be found below :

We reserve the right to adapt the activities and the number of points for the rewards of the following month.
As soon as a member reached 300 points, they became eligible to get a share of our money pool at the end of the month. That means that a member has a chance to get a share of our money pool but is encouraged to increase their number of points. Indeed, the more a member has points, the more chances they have to get a part of the money pool.
At the end of the month, 50 points are substracted to all members except :
  • The administrators,
  • The moderators,
Once the points substracted, the members who have less than 10 points have one week to complete activities in order to get at least 10 points.
At the beginning of a new month, all the members go back to zero point into their account.

Regular statistics about the performance of members are posted in the forum. For example, members can see regular points reports (available by clicking on the tab “Rewards Program” at the top of the forum).

Inactive status downgrade and accounts deletions

After one week, all the members who have less than 10 points are downgraded to inactive status. They got the same rights as the unknown members.
To get back to their active status, a member will have to post again in their introduction’s post and will explain to the community why they want to be active again. Depending on the reasons given, we reserve the right not to change the status of the inactive member.
An inactive member who get back to active status has not lost and not gained any points. In other words, it means that the member has to get at least 60 points at the end of the month if they don’t want to be put in inactive status level again.
A member who has inactive status for three continuous months will be included in the next batch of purge processus (which can be done anytime).

The PrivateHYIPPool Rewards Program money distribution rules

At the end of the month, the funds available in our money pool are distributed :
  • 25% of the money pool is kept for the administrators, moderators and forum advertising
  • 75% of the money pool is distributed among eligible members (members who have at least the required number of points)
The money which is distributed to eligible members are also divided into two parts :
  • 50% of funds are allocated for the fixed rewards part
  • 25% of funds are allocated for the variable rewards part
Indeed, eligible members will get a fixed part and a variable part.

The fixed part is currently $20 (subject to change depending on the conditions but will never be less than $20). It’s possible that not all eligible members get this fixed part as it depends on the amount of money pool and the number of eligible members.
The priority members will be those who have the highest number of points.
Here is an example :
If the fixed amount for money pool is $600 with a fixed part per member $20, we will reward the first 30 eligible members who have the highest points. In this example, if there are less than 30 eligible members for the month, the fixed part is increased per eligible member so that all eligible members earn the same fixed part.

The variable part is distributed among members qualified for the fixed part.
The variable percentage allocated for such members depends on their number of points.
The more a member has points, the more the variable percentage the member gets.

Members qualified for at least the fixed part will have to send by private message to the main administrator a password they will have to keep for the next payouts. That means that only the members who have not earned yet a fixed part of money pool have to send a password.
An update on purpose in order to get paid is done at the end of the month. The request to get paid will have to be sent to this email : phppayouts@gmail.com
The request will have to contain your forum username, your Perfect Money account and your password.
If one of those information are not given or if the password does not match with the one you gave to the main administrator, your request will be ignored.
No worries about security, as soon as payment is done to your Perfect Money account, your mail go directly to the bin.
The deadline to ask for your payout is the 10th calendar day in the month following the current payout period.
For example, for March payout share, payments have to be requested April 10th the latest.

The points hunt event :
Anytime, the administration can organize a points hunt event.
An announcement will be done by the administration in a thread which will be opened in this folder : http://www.privatehyipforum.com/index.php?/forum/96-points-hunt-events/
A treasure containing a number of points will be hided in recent posts of the forum. The first member who posts the link where they found the hidden treasure get added to their account the number of points hidden.

Sponsor members

The first three members who have the highest number of points in their account at the end of the month become our forum sponsors during the entire following month.
Among those perks :
  • Their favorite blog / website, personnal webpage will be featured in our dedicated section. They will be free to describe their website for other members
  • Their favorite blog / website, personnal webpage will be present in communication emails sent to all members of our forum
  • They will be allowed to have their referral link for a program in our programs list during the entire month
  • And so on…
Introduction of new programs by members and benefits for our money pool

Any member who has at least Basic status can introduce a new program in the specific discussion folder :

Before posting a new program, the member will do a minimum of due diligence, particularly they will have to follow a basic template which is available in each category of program : A member who is not sure about the profitability of the program can post a program in unconfirmed status. That means that the member would like to have first opinions about the program. The member has the entire day to decide if he wants to keep the program or not. A member doesn't get points for unconfirmed programs. He will get points ONLY after confirming the program.

It is not allowed for a member who introduces a new program to add their referral link at the end of the introduction. Introductions starting by “I’m not admin” like we can see in all popular forums will be deleted. Make good introductions (and reviews) and you will get a good amount of points added to your account.
The specific program discussion folder is not the right place to post daily payouts like we can see in all popular forums. A few payouts reports are tolerated as long as it’s not regular or is needed because the program has currently some problems. Use second box of hyipchat.com instead. The folder is to discuss about the evolution, updates, new features, local problems and so on.

If a member wants to post a fast or a short term program in the hyips category, they have to be a senior member.

If a member has some doubts about the real potential of a program, there are other possibilities offered instead of the Specific Program discussion folder :
  • They can discuss the program in the unnamed section. They will be allowed to discuss all aspects of the program (the features, the plans, the support, the web hosting, technical details, the admin,..) BUT the name of the program will not have to be mentioned in any case. The unnamed section can also be used for programs in prelaunch. If the program shows some good potential, it’s possible for the member to add this program to the Specific discussion folder. Also the member will get points credited and every week as long as the program is still paying. All the rules related to the unnamed section can be found here : http://www.privatehyipforum.com/index.php?/topic/927-subforum-rules-please-read/
  • They can ask opinions in our hyipchat platform (the left chatbox for discussions)
  • They can send a private message to moderators / administrators
If the administration notices that the intention of a member is clearly to introduce a deliberate fast scam in the Specific Program discussion folder, the actions that can be taken could be:
  • Hiding the program thread,
  • Substracting points from the account of the member,
  • Giving a warning and in the worst case banning the member from the forum
Note that we will take into account the experience of the member (it’s more acceptable to post a bad program for a newbie investor than an experienced one).

Any program, posted in the Specific Program discussion folder and respecting the rules, is added without any referral link into our Programs list. The Programs list is available by clicking the tab “All Programs” at the top of the forum.
If the program follows the administration and moderators quality standards, a dedicated PrivateHYIPPool account (PHP account) can be created using the referral link of the member who introduced the program.
The administration will made a deposit (amount at their discretion) and the link to the program in our Programs list will be replaced by the referral link of the PHP account just created.
So the member who introduced the program earns a referral commission and benefits as well from the commissions earned in the case of a multiple referral levels program. Note that the introducer can still send their referral link for confirmed programs to administrator. The administrator will then decide if they join the program or not to monitor potential losses.

The interests earned on the deposits made by the PHP accounts created are added to the money pool, as well for the referral commissions gathered by joining a program using the referral link of the PHP account.

A member who joins a program using the referral link of a PHP account will have to notify us in the specific thread of the program. Then the administration will contact the member by private message. They will be asked their username and email address in the program. We will check then new points will be credited into the member’s account.