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1. Your First Hyip Day - Read Here First Before Investing

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 06:58 PM

Last Update : 2013-07-27
1. Frank Perret - Administrator of a popular hyip blog invites you to read some articles in his blog
Frank Perret is a very experienced hyip player in the industry. He is updating an hyip blog since 2010!
Do you want to know more about the story of a successfull player in the industry ?
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Our admin Frank has compiled a lot of newbies articles. Spend a good time to read them, they will help you in your hyip journey :
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Also you will find below some good articles to ride successfully those investment programs :
Click Here (Open in a new window)
2. The FAQ folder and Ecurrencies section in our forum
The FAQ folder is the place where you will search answers for general questions you can have about this industry. The access is limited to members who introduce properly to our community. There are some sensitive information we don't want to make public directly. Please make a search before opening a new thread as it's highly possible that a newbie like you can have the same questions
Click Here (Open in a new window)
If your questions deal with eccurencies (funding money , withdrawing money, exchangers, ...) then it will be more appropriate to search / ask in our eccurencies section. This section is public 
Click Here (Open in a new window)
3. A small step by guide to start making money with hyips (read it before investing real money into hyips)
Step 1 - Funding eccurencies accounts first before investing
Read those three topics to help you and important facts you need to know 
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Step 2 - You find a good hyip, STOP ! Before investing money, read this important topic 
Click Here (Open in a new window)

Step 3 - You want to enjoy your profits, what are the possibilities to withdraw ?
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Click Here (Open in a new window)

Step 4 - Do you know that your loved hyip can scam anytime ? Look for red flags before it's too late, we have an updated list here 
Click Here (Open in a new window)
P.S : The link works only for known investors i.e you have to introduce first to our community and be approved by our staff. There are good reasons why we want to limit the access of such information.
Step 5 - Some investors share with us their own hyip portfolio. Read their portfolio as a guide or to look for new hyips to invest.  
Click Here (Open in a new window)
P.S : The links works only for known investors as well to protect our members.
Also you can find regular and paying hyips by looking at payout reports posted by members like you in the middle chat box of hyipchat.com

Step 6 - Build a sheet with all your hyip investments to track your hyips performance
You can use TrackEgg : 
Click Here (Open in a new window)
Step 7 - Start with small investments
Invest small amounts to start or create a virtual portfolio (no real money spent). The learning stage is very important and can take some time depending on the time and effort you devote to hyips.

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