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Doubly Ltd – Crypto Trading

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Posted 23 November 2018 - 07:09 AM

Hello moneymaker,

It’s been a while since I last posted a review on davidnews.com. However, for a few days now, we are having a new addition to our monitor that I am going to review today. A program called Doubly Ltd joined Golden Stage listing on Davidnews.com monitor six days ago. The program has been online for 8 days in total and I have reinvested 0.072 BTC to keep you updated about the payment status. Doubly Ltd calls themselves a crypto-trading company that strives to implement innovative solutions for the financial market sector. If you want to learn more about this cryptocurrency inspired HYIP program and its features, keep reading this review.

Doubly Ltd offer three investment plans named after industry’s best practices: Standard (the minimum investment 0.001 BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH), Exclusive (the minimum investment 0.02 BTC, 3.2 LTC, 0.8 ETH, 1.2 DASH, 1.2 BCH) and VIP (the minimum investment 0.375 BTC, 37.5 LTC, 9 ETH, 11.25 DASH, 4.8 BCH). The first plan offers 2.72% a day for 72 days, the second plan offers 3.67% a day for 54 days. While the third plan offers 4.5% a day for 44 days. Pay-outs are processed automatically on business days in each 24 hour period, from the time of the investment. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0005 BTC, 0.05 LTC, 0.02 ETH, 0.025 DASH and 0.002 BCH. Led Generation accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, and Dash.

In my last review, I called the program I was reviewing “a bit old school for today's cryptocurrency inspired HYIP industry”. Whereas today I am reviewing a program that’s totally appropriate for today’s HYIP industry. Why do I think that? The trends are changing, technology is evolving but why we keep seeing HYIP programs that don’t keep up with time? Doubly is a program that gives us a well-known crypto trading legend in combination with a not that widespread technical solution for investments and withdrawals. In short, it’s not necessary to create an account to make a deposit or withdrawal the earnings. All an investor must do is to enter the bitcoin address, for example, on the website, make a payment and track the payouts. Of course, I have to mention straight away that the system is not 100% perfect – the pay-out tracking option on the website should be definitely improved. Otherwise, it can be just a “modern way” of scamming. However, if you are interested to take a look at this yourself, feel free to visit the website!

So, Doubly Ltd admins have done a lot to stand out among other programs. The first thing, of course, is the investment/withdrawal solution. The next most noticeable difference is the website. I would say that the admins have done the homework pretty well - the layout, the colour scheme, the content. However, they could have worked on the FAQ section a bit more. Yes, they follow the trends and have made videos to explain questions like how to start and how the profit is generated. However, especially for a program like this, a more detailed FAQ would help many potential investors to try this new solution. In term of content, Doubly Ltd has chosen a common “cryptocurrency inspired” program feature – meet the team. They have gone even further, next to the names, images and descriptions you can find interviews with the leading figures of Doubly Ltd. If you are someone who enjoys reading some inspirational content take a look at the interviews.

What about the legend?  Doubly Ltd is an exciting project because it slightly differs from other HYIP programs (even the good quality “cryptocurrency” inspired programs) that we are used to seeing around all the time. However, the legend is something that we all have seen before. In short Doubly Ltd offers an automated stock market trading system. As they call it “a money machine that never stops raising funds for you”. To convince potential investors to use the services of their “money machine” the admins have created a lot of content devoted to the possibilities and benefits of the cryptocurrency technology.

What does the internet say about this 8-day old program? According to Alexa rank, currently, the main Doubly Ltd audience comes from Russia, Canada, India and Brazil. Of course, Alexa rank must be perceived only as a hint. The website is available in quite a few different languages. And this is one of the main things people are discussing online– is it really necessary to have a low quality translation, especially for a program like this. Feel free to share your thought about the quality of the translation in the chat box below! Like with other programs that joined the industry recently, the internet discussions don’t show a lot, people are mainlydiscussing the investment offer, the need of telegram bot and etc. If you want to find out more about Doubly Ltd feel free to check out the social media profiles including the Instagram account.

So, let's take a look at the investment opportunities. Usually, I do the calculations for the most affordable investment plan which would be the plan called “Standard”. However, I will stick to the investment of approx. $200, therefore for Doubly I will look at the plan “Exclusive” 3.67 % daily for 54 days. An investment of 0.047 BTC would generate a daily return of 0.0017249 BTC. With 3.67% daily, the break-even point is reached after 28 days. And at the end of the investment term, the investment would have made a net profit of 0.04614460 BTC and in total 0.0931446 BTC. Of course, a lot can happen during a period of 54 days!

Today we are looking at a program called Doubly Ltd. The program offers three investment plans and a not so widespread investment/automated withdrawal solution. Can this solution help attract more investors? Or on the contrary, people won’t appreciate this? Whatever the case may be if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in Doubly Ltd and have any useful information to share with us? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience!
- Project details -
DavidNews.com investment:0.072 BTC

Investment plans: 2.72%, 3.67%, 4.50% daily until 200%. Initial deposit included in the payments.

Payment processors: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, and Dash

Investments starting from: 0.001 BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH

Cash-out: Instant

Technical status: SECURE
  • SSL: COMODO ECC Domain Validation;
  • Hosting: Cloudflare;
  • DDoS protection: Cloudflare;
  • Script: Custom Script;

Support: Contact form

Affiliate reward: 15%

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