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Luxearn Proprietary Ltd - Cryptocurrency Trading And Mining

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Posted 08 August 2018 - 11:06 AM

Hello moneymaker,

The second program I am going to review this week is called Luxearn Proprietary LTD. Unlike the first program reviewed today Luxearn Proprietary LTD by no means cannot be called a new program. According to information on the website, It has been online for 1054 days in total, but it joined Golden Stage Listing on Davidnews.com on August 2, 2018. I have reinvested $400 in the program and currently it has the status “PAYING” on the monitor, however, I will keep you updated about the payments status on DavidNews.com monitor. Luxearn Proprietary LTD offers to earn extra income via cryptocurrency trading and mining as well as trading on classic commodities and stock exchanges. To find out more about this program, its features and investment plans keep reading this review!

At first glance, Luxearn Proprietary LTD confused me with the number of plans they offer. However, after taking a better look at the minimum deposit requirements for each plan, as well as investment terms – it becomes clear what is what (the minimum investment for each plan you can find displayed on the investment calculator or on the user dashboard section where the user can make a deposit). Basically, the program has six investment packages and the most important features that potential investors need to pay attention to while choosing the right investment plan are: 1) accruals calculated daily or at the end of the investment term b) accruals paid out daily or at the end of investment term 3) initial deposit paid out at the end of the investment period for all plans.

Considering the minimum investment amount which is quite impressive for the majority of the investment plans as well as the aforementioned features I will take a look at the most affordable investment package called Ordinary. The first two plans of Ordinary offer 0.5% daily for 356 days (min investment $25) and 1.1% daily for 100 days (min investment $350). Accruals are calculated on business days and can be withdrawn daily (any weekday). Initial deposit can be withdrawn at the end of the investment period. Withdrawal requests are processed manually, on weekdays withdrawals are processed within 48 hours but on weekend within 72 hours. Technically I would just call such option – withdrawals on business days only. The program accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Visa.  To find out more about other investment plans to visit the website of Luxearn Proprietary LTD. I didn’t try visa but in most programs, bank card logos are only for impression and they don’t accept cards. Please let us know in the chatbox in case you managed to use a bank card.

In terms of legend, Luxearn Proprietary LTD is another HYIP which tries to catch the cryptocurrency trend mentioning cryptocurrency trading and mining as one of their main business activities. However, they also mention trading on classic commodities and stock exchanges as to add some extra value to the legend. It seems that this program has something to offer for everyone whether you prefer investing your money in cryptocurrency trading or mining. From HYIP “About us” page we can learn that their business was started back in 2015. In short, this is their try to give a luxurious and happy life for their investors. If you want to read more about Luxearn HYIP and their approach, feel free to visit the website.

Regarding the website, I can clearly say that this website is not one of my favorite ones in terms of design. Of course, it does not affect the lifetime of the program in any way. Moreover, I assume there might be people that can’t just scroll below the home page main image and won’t care much about the flashy and golden website design. Thumbs up to admin and the team for creating content-rich website - even legal information, privacy policy and how to create an account. Another interesting feature I have not seen for a while on HYIPs is the representative section where you can find authorized representatives all over the world or become a one. There is a list of countries and some contact details for those interested in this program or getting in touch with representatives.

Program admins claim on the website that program has been online for almost 3 years. In case you want to find out when admins became more active with the promotion, you can check any of the web archive services and see historical screenshots of this or any other website. Apart from that we can read a post in the news section dated back to December 25, 2015. Afterward, there are few posts in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The company registration details can also be checked using the link on the Legal information page. The Luxearn Proprietary LTD is registered in Australia, in November 2017.

According to Alexa rank, the main Luxearn Proprietary LTD audience comes from Iran, India, Mexico, Russia, and Vietnam. Of course, Alexa rank must be perceived only as a hint. Discussions in forms continue from 2015 and it seems that program named Luxearn has always been famous with the interest rates and investment terms. Of course, you all know what’s been going one with this program! You don’t even need to look that far just check investorsstarpage.com. But if you want to see more check out web.archive.org as I mentioned earlier.

As I wrote earlier, most of the plans are not for the majority. The minimum investments are high and with long investment terms. Therefore, I will pay attention to the plan with a lower interest rate which usually has a larger potential. An investment calculator is available on the website if you want to make your own calculations. However, just to make it easier to understand what’s what here a quick calculation. An investment of $200 in Luxearn Proprietary LTD (investment plan ordinary 0.5% for 356 days) would generate a daily return of $1. With a 0.5% interest rate, it takes 200 business days (280 days with weekends) to reach the break-even point and 365 business days (511 days with weekends) to reach the end of it when $200 investment would have made a net profit of $356. When making a deposit pay attention to Gain profit section. As it is compounding, you have to choose to gain profit 0 to be able to withdrawal earnings every day!

Today we are looking at another cryptocurrency inspired HYIP. The admins claim that it has been for 1054 days in total.  But does it even matter? The program itself looks fine now. Especially for those who prefer long-term investments. I mean, it’s much easier to pay 0,5% daily to investors. However, there are also plans with much higher rates and shorter investment terms. Indeed, 0.5% is the realistic rate, but even break-even point takes almost a year for a plan with 0.5%. Today it looks fine but again it’s impossible to predict the potential lifetime of this program. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in Luxearn Proprietary LTD and have any useful information to share with us? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience!

- Project details -
DavidNews.com investment: $400

Investment plans: 0.5%-25% daily (business days) for 10 up to 356 days. Initial deposit paid out at the end of the investment period.

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Investments starting from: $25

Cash-out: Manual

Technical status: SECURE
  • SSL: COMODO CA Limited
  • Hosting: DDoS-GUARD
  • DDoS protection: DDoS-GUARD
  • Script: GoldCoders

Support: Contact form, email

Affiliate reward:0.3-0.5%

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