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Pixar Keen – Marketing And Branding Firm

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 01:37 PM

Hello money maker,

Today I would like to present you the latest rival on DavidNews.com monitor called Pixar Keen who joined the Golden stage on our monitor 12 days ago and has been online for 13 days in total. It’s a program accepting only Bitcoin payments. Now I have reinvested in this program BTC 0.049 and will keep you updated with the payment status on the monitor page.

Before we go into details of Pixar Keen, I would like to point out the main information about investment plans. This program offers 6 different plans with a minimum deposit of $60 for the first plan called “Starter Contract” and $12000 for the last plan called “Advanced Contract”. At first glance, the most affordable plan for potential investors is “Starter Contract” because the minimum deposit for the plan with the second plan called “Micro Contract” is already $600. “Starter Contract” is offering 10% weekly interest rate, which is 1,42% a day. The deposit term for all plans is 35 weeks. On the website, I couldn’t find the info about the initial deposit. Therefore, I assume it is included in the payments. In case you find the previously mentioned rates reasonable, keep reading the review to find out more about the program!

The legend of Pixar Keen is very diverse and it’s hard to follow what’s their main activity. To avoid unnecessary interpretations, here are a few sentences from company’ s biography page. “The company was founded by Mr. Sukhpal Singh, who used to organise small events in rural and urban area for the promotion of common sports and players who do not get chance to play for the country and don’t get proper facilities to excel in sports”. The main purpose is “To be a leader in the marketing & branding of games and players by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability”. I called it a diverse project because from the homepage we can learn that Pixar Keen has several other projects. At least, there is information and reference to other websites. For example, Pixar Keen loan – website for people seeking financial advisor. However, the website of Pixar Keen loan still contains loreum ipsum content. Probably, it’s in the development phase. The second side project mentioned on the homepage is Pixar Keen store. Moreover, there is Pixar Keen TV, bidding and website development. Basically, there are 6 different projects (including the HYIP) mentioned on the home page. How many of them are real? Please drop a message in the chat box, if you have any experience with the other projects of Pixar Keen.

The website itself is very simple. Pixar Keen has a SSL certificate, which is valid until 16th of December. Unfortunately, it lacks the major information about the investment plans, which I believe should be given on the homepage Moreover, from the website it’s even hard to understand that it’s a HYIP. Of course, more persistent people will stay on the website for a longer period to find out all information, but I believe it’s easier for users if the major information is mentioned on the homepage.

Pixar Keen has a Facebook profile with the first post date back to 14th of July of 2017. In fact, the profile has been very active since the day one on Facebook. There are many posts, picture galleries and the total amount of 2300 likes. Alexa traffic stats are also available starting from the July this year. According to Alexa stats the main visitor countries are: United States, UK, Germany, Cheech Republic and Canada.

I already mentioned that Pixar Keen has 6 different investment plans. Interest rate varies from 10% to 15% weekly. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference for minimum deposits - $60 for the first plan and $12000 for the last with 15% weekly. Deposit term is 35 weeks and the initial deposit is most likely included in the payments. Accruals are calculated weekly. For example, 0.017 deposit would fit the most affordable plan and would reach the breakeven point after 7 weeks. It requires another 7 weeks to make a net revenue of the same amount as deposited.

From the previous calculations, you can see it’s a long-term project in terms of investment plans. It takes 14 weeks to make the same amount net revenue. Maximum deposit term for all plans is 35 weeks. From the previous communication, I have noticed that admin has interest in long term ad placement on DavidNews.com monitor. Currently, it looks like a long term project with average rates, which are realistic. At least there is less probability that large sums will be leaving the program because the initial deposit is included in the payments (most likely) and we don’t see huge interest daily rates. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Have you already made an investment in Pixar Keen and have anything worth sharing? Please drop a message in the chat box to share your experience!
- Project details -
DavidNews.com investment: $200

Investment plans: 5.2% for 30 calendar days, initial deposit included in the payments, 107% after five days, initial deposit included in the payment. 5% withdrawal fee.

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash

Investments starting from: $25

Cash-out: Manual

Technical status: SECURE
  • SSL: COMODO RSA Extended Validation;
  • Hosting: Offshore hosting;
  • DDoS protection: CloudFlare;
  • Script: Custom Script;

Support: Contact form

Affiliate reward: 5%

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