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23/02/2017. Tradebtc Review And Daily News From The Hyip Industry

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Posted 24 February 2017 - 02:40 AM

Hello everyone! As the week slowly begins to wear on there’s still no shortage of news and new programs to tell you about on MNO. I’ll be introducing two new programs in the news section shortly so keep reading for that, but to start things off for today I want to focus on TradeBTC. That’s a brand new long term HYIP that’s just been added to the MNO monitor. No gimmicks here, just a classic style and something I think a lot of you might appreciate. A good effort has certainly been put into creating it, that’s for sure, so let’s see what TradeBTC is all about and if you think you might have room in your portfolios to add them.

Before I get to the plans I just want to say that TradeBTC take the welcome but rare step of explaining them using both US dollars and BitCoin. Given that BitCoin as both a payment method and a currency are so prevalent in the HYIP industry these days it’s surprising that more programs don’t do this, almost all of them seem to have a massive share of their business coming through it after all. Just to keep things simple I’m going to stick with dollars for the review as that’s how most of you will think of the TradeBTC plans anyway, but if you want to see the figures expressed in BTC then visit their website.

What you really have to choose from in TradeBTC is how much you want to invest. A lot of what’s on offer in each of the three plans is identical, however it’s the bigger deposits that are kept in place for longer term lengths, thus making a bigger number of payouts to their risk taking owners. All you need to get started with TradeBTC however is just $10. This puts you in The Mini Plan which runs for 60 calendar days. During this time all TradeBTC members with any amount invested up to a maximum limit of $499 are paid a daily interest rate of 2.5%. That adds up to 150% back on your original investment, which TradeBTC are already factoring in to the payments so will not be returned on expiry. This means you are left with your own money back plus 50% net profit.

To give you a simple monetary example of how that might look in monetary terms then, let’s say you were to invest $100 with TradeBTC here. The admin would then pay you back $2.50 every day for the following sixty days. This allows you to recoup your initial hundred (i.e. break-even) after forty days and start collecting passive profit after that. You should eventually complete the term with TradeBTC paying your $150 back in total, which is your principal plus a $50 profit.

If you are prepared to go beyond that, TradeBTC offer The Midi Plan for all deposits between at least $500 and a $4,999 upper limit. The interest rate itself does not change, with TradeBTC still paying 2.5% per calendar day. That also means it will still take you forty days to reach the break-even point of course. What does change however is the term length which now stretches to 90 calendar days. As TradeBTC are counting your principal as part of the payments that should allow you to complete the term with payments coming to 225%, which is 125% in profit.

Finally for the biggest spending players TradeBTC have The Maxi Plan. This is for anyone willing to part with at least a $5,000 opening investment to join, and accepts a $100,000 maximum. The interest rate again remains unchanged at 2.5% per calendar day, however the length of time you receive it for now extends to 120 calendar days. With your principal already counted as part of the payments, the final return of 300% is your own money back plus 200% net profit.

Payment options should you wish to proceed with any of the above mentioned plans are pretty simple but more than adequate to satisfy the needs of most investors. For those who still prefer the more traditional style third-party payment handlers TradeBTC are working with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. If on the other hand you would rather make a direct deposit yourself using a more modern digital e-currency then BitCoin is also available. Remember that while TradeBTC will credit your account with interest payments on calendar days, i.e. seven days per week, they only process withdrawal requests on business days. So yes, you do earn money on Saturdays and Sundays, but you have to wait until Monday before anyone sends it to you. Payments are made manually and need to be requested from inside your TradeBTC private members account area, and once done you will then need to allow a further 24 hour maximum for the admin to make sure all pending transactions are completed.

Let’s move on now to some of the more technical aspects of the TradeBTC website now such as design and security. The program is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from malicious attacks by DDoSGuard. Always a respected service provider in the industry, so too is H-Script which TradeBTC are using a licensed version of to operate. While never quite as popular as the likes of GoldCoders, H-Script has always been a dependable product and every bit as good in my opinion, and users will find it easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout. To provide an extra layer of protection, TradeBTC have an SSL certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you happen to have any further questions you would like to ask the TradeBTC admin you feel weren’t addressed in this review or any other account related issues then you can get in touch using a couple of different channels. As usual though the first thing everyone needs to look at is the TradeBTC FAQ page as that’s where most immediate questions are going to be answered. If there’s anything else then you can fill in your details on the online support form and submit it on the TradeBTC website. Fans of social media networks will also be pleased I’m sure to be able to connect with TradeBTC using their profiles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube. A postal address is listed in the UK where TradeBTC have a certificate of incorporation, though this is really for registration purposes and not necessarily where you would find anyone connected with running the program physically located.

For the record the alleged line of business TradeBTC claim to be in in order to finance the payments to their members is crypto-currency trading. OK, not exactly a first for the HYIP industry and as usual there’s not a great deal of evidence on hand that you can independently research. And again just for the sake of newbies, remember that even if any of this turned out to be true then there still isn’t anything that can guarantee it ever necessarily has to be profitable. Best use some common sense then as you should with anything you find in the HYIP industry, and treat it as a form of high risk gambling. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose if things go wrong, and easily recoup from other income sources. And if joining TradeBTC at all then make more effective use of them by keeping it part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you are already familiar with TradeBTC then or have already made a decision on what you think of them, I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow readers. I would appreciate it if you would please take a second to answer the following opinion poll, and remember it will be completely 100% anonymous at all times. I think it will be extremely interesting to refer back to in the coming weeks and months once the degree of success obtained by TradeBTC becomes apparent.
The question is:

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.



I’ll start the news section today by introducing some newly added programs to MNO over the last couple of days. First on the list is called OnePunchLtd. The admin actually not only purchased Premium listing on MNO, but also immediately upgraded his program to the highest Sticky listing which cost him $1,500. Proof enough the program has a heavy advertising budget for sure and is ready to expand its horizons after its first 50+ days online. I must say that right from the very start of dealing with this program I was intrigued by the strange name OnePunchLtd, but the only reference I could find online was from Wikipedia as “an ongoing Japanese superhero parody webcomic created by an author using the pseudonym One which began publication in early 2009”. If it’s a covert move to get more fans of the Asian HYIP market then it’s a smart one, as surely these days the majority of BitCoin users and potential HYIP investors are from that region. Although quite uncomplicated in terms of design and the familiar licensed GoldCoders script, OnePunchLtd has nevertheless become one of the most popular HYIPs in the industry now. So, what can OnePunchLtd offer online investors? There are two investment plans for you to choose from – a self-explanatory 113% after 10 calendar days plan available from a $10 minimum and the slightly more complicated 6% for 30 calendar days plan crediting your account with interest on business days only available for a slightly higher $20 minimum. You see, on the second daily paying plan depending on the day of the week you join your overall profit by the end of the term might be different, but typically you will get 132% on your investment after 30-days (principal included). I will, of course, add more examples for a better understanding in the upcoming review of OnePunchLtd which will be published on my blog sometime next week. For this introduction though let me just briefly mention some of the other main features. Withdrawals have to be requested manually and are promised to be paid within 6 to 24 hours, but all my withdrawal requests so far have been processed even faster than that which might be a good thing for more impatient investors. The domain name for OnePunchLtd is reserved for three years in advance, there is an SSL EV Green Bar from Comodo, and a dedicated and DDoS-protected server by SugarHosts. That’s enough info to get you started with OnePunchLtd but if you have any doubts you can check out the upcoming review on MNO for a more detailed look.


The second program that joined the Premium List on MNO just a couple of hours ago is UnionTrade. Having launched on the first day of February the admin has already brought profits to the first investors on the shortest plan, thus proving he might be ambitions about his program’s future – a statement further strengthened by his decision to come to MNO. There are two categories investment plan available to members of UnionTrade – paying every calendar day with the principal returned on expiry (2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days, 3.8% for 28 days), and paying once on expiry of a specified investment term (150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days, 240% after 25 days, 300% after 30 days). UnionTrade accepts investments starting from a $10 minimum via four payment options – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and NixMoney. Withdrawals are promised to be paid manually, but very fast – within one hour, but in some cases it might take up to 24 hours to get paid. UnionTrade is running off a custom-made script which should be appreciated as requiring more programming skills and generally associated with a higher level of experience from the admin. The site is hosted on a dedicated and DDoS-protected server by DDoSGuard which hosts also two other domains on different extensions serving as mirrors of the main website, its SSL encryption comes from Comodo, and the site is currently bi-lingual as it’s available in both English and Russian. The investment process is quite uncomplicated, in my opinion, despite the custom script, but if you want a more in depth analysis of the UnionTrade‘s main features then wait for my detailed review on my blog next week. As there was only one official update posted on the website dedicated to its launch I’ll re-post it for you below:

We are glad to welcome interested users and inform about successful launch of UnionTrade investment system!
Just a few months ago, in the end of 2016, our team has set a goal to develop an open online investment system. The idea was so successful, that ultimately has led to reorganization of UnionTrade from subsidiary to the current project. An important role here was played by high professionalism and competency of our leading specialists, as well as incredible efficiency in implementation of common aspirations.
Dear investors! We can achieve mutual financial success only with your help! Our team believes in viability of this company development model, and is aimed at long-term and fruitful cooperation.
We go on working to improve our system and plan regular introduction of additional features for convenience of our investors in the short term.
Please contact twenty-four-hour support service if you have any questions or offers. Upon receiving requests, all incoming messages will be handled as soon as possible.
Gratefully, UnionTrade Team


You might know from my review of RichmondBerks posted here, that it’s one of the most innovative investment programs in the HYIP industry at the moment. RichmondBerks has lots of unique features not found anywhere else including their own mobile apps and RBB Shop. The latest has just been launched and the admin gave detailed instructions on how to use it. There was also a useful guide for new investors who want to start using BitCoin, but don’t know how. If you are not into BitCoin for any reason you can still easily invest in RichmondBerks via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or NixMoney. Investments can start from $10 and you will be paid your withdrawal requests instantly in most cases. By joining RichmondBerks you can earn 1.5% on business days and 0.7% on weekends for an unlimited term with the option to withdraw your principal at any time for a 50% fee (principal withdrawal requests are processed manually within 24 hours). By the way, if you want a Promo-code from me by applying on which you will get 10% deposit bonus on investments starting from $1,000 please email me and I will gladly send it to you, but it must be used within the next 7 days. Below you will find the Bitcoin and RBB Shop guides which will hopefully be useful for you:

How to use Bitcoins – Instruction
How to create a Bitcoin wallet
Creating a Bitcoin wallet – is a very simple procedure. Read the instructions and learn how.
Step 1: Go to the website https://blockchain.info/ Click “Wallet” and then “Create a new wallet”.
Step 2: Enter all required data and then click the “Continue” button.
Step 3: Write down or take a screenshot mnemonic password (marked in the picture with a red square). This will help you recover your password, in case of loss. Then click “Continue”.
Step 4: Enter your password and ID, then click “Open Wallet”.
Here you can see the number of your purse. It should be mentioned in your personal office.
How to send Bitcoin
Step 1: Log in to your personal office on the website https://blockchain.info and click “Send Money”
Step 2: Enter all the required information and click “Send Payment”
Excellent! You have completed the sending procedure!
All your transactions can be found in the section “My Transactions”
Thank you for your attention! Good luck!

Achievements and RBB shop – Your opportunity to earn more
RichmondBerks company presents you RBB Shop. There you can purchase products that increase your earnings. At the moment, there are presented:
– “Promo Code +10%”
– “Increasing of profit by 0.1%”
– “Promo Code +15%”
– “Access to the third level of the partner system”
You can purchase the products for RBB. You can earn them very simply! Take advantage of this system of achievements. More details about them, you can find in the article “Complete the achievement and get award”. Among the Achievements you can find:
– “Buy RBD”
– “Invite your friends”
– “Share by mobile application”
– “Lead the conference”
– “Lead the webinar”
More information about each of the achievements you can find by clicking on the information icon, which is on the card.
After completing the achievements you get a reward, the amount of which depends on the level of the achievements. You can use RBB to increase your profits. To do this, go to RBB Shop and select the product you are interested.
More details about products in RBB shop
“Promo Code 10%” – Purchase this product you can for 100 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of next investments for 10%. Use this promo code you can only once.
“Increasing profit by 0,1%” – Purchase this product you can only for 1000 RBB. With its help you increase your daily income by 0.1%. The more times you get this product, the higher will be your profit.
“Promo Code 15%” – Purchase this product you can for 200 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of next investments for 10%. Use this promo code you can only once.
“Access to the third level of the partner system” – You can buy this product for 1000 RBB. It will allow you to get a partnership interest, not only from the partners of the 1st and 2nd level, but also from the 3rd. Once you purchased this product, you will be earning profit from the 3rd level partners forever.
Using the “Achievement” system and “RBB Shop” you can greatly increase your profits. Get achievements and reward for them with the help of which you can buy products at the store.
If you have any questions, our support team is happy to answer them!
Good luck and high profits!
RichmondBerks company.
RBB Shop


After the review of TeaHouse was posted earlier this week on my blog (click here to read) the admin approached me today and asked for a listing upgrade from Standard to Premium. I’m pleased to see his program now takes a higher position on the MNO monitor as to better reflect its status as one of leading short-term programs in the HYIP industry at the moment. With its acceptance of deposits starting from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash and relatively quick payouts it’s become popular, while the slogan “Have some tea, make some money” deserves an award for its originality, in my humble opinion. The plans in TeaHouse include – 5.7% for 18 hours, 102.5%-120% after 1 day, 114%-220% after 5 days, 1000% after 10 days, 145%-700% after 15 days, 210%-1500% after 30 days, 400%-2500% after 45 days, 800%-7000% after 70 days. You can see that not all of them are worth joining, but for shorter periods of time and smaller deposits profits from TeaHouse might be rewarding. Proof of the site’s ongoing popularity among the short-term programs is the latest attempt of a sophisticated copy-cat to the site even located on the similar domain name complete with the same design and asking people to invest there. Of course, by doing so don’t expect to be paid as the admin of the real TeaHouse website holds no responsibility for such actions of which he already warned in the following newsletter:

Malicious clone of our program!
Dear investors and guests of the website.
We inform you that at the Internet has been revealed by us a clone of our website which almost in full duplicates the design of the original website of our program.
This website https://tea-house.org/ has no relation to the Tea House INC Limited company and all actions which will are made by investors with usage of this website are can not to be considered as our responsibility.
Be attentive and be careful always! Avoid the counterfeit websites and don’t use not proven companies!
Watch for updates of news.
Have some tea. Make some money. TeaHouse


Over the last couple of weeks there wasn’t really much going on with RightRise (reviewed here). The perfectly performing program is listed over four months now and ranked #2 on the MNO Premium List. That’s been for sure one of the best programs of the winter, but I hope that it will continue far beyond by paying 1% to 3% daily interest to members’ accounts for the unlimited term providing mostly instant withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, NixMoney, BTC-E. All you need to start investing with RightRise is a $30 minimum to purchase one share and enjoy your profits after about two months for as long as the program exists, plus do not forget about the systems of boosters that may further increase the variable daily interest announced on the website. And you don’t even need to understand English in order to feel comfortable when browsing the RightRise website, as it has been translated into not less than eighteen (!) languages which can be easily switched by choosing the appropriate flag for your country in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the site. The two newest versions are Arabic and Croatian as explained in the short updates below:

Today the Arabic language translation was added.
We will continue to add translations until all the languages would be added.
We hope you will enjoy our work!

New localization was added.
We continue to expand our horizons and we are attracting new markets.
We hope that many of you were waiting for this language localization.
Sincerely, RightRise team


The seventh language TradeexPro is available in as of today is Spanish. With so many Spanish speakers in both the Americas and Europe it’s easy to see why it was needed after English, Russian, Turkish, German, Vietnamese, and Chinese were added earlier. Moreover, the video presentation of the program has become available in English and was uploaded to the MNOVision page as well, where you will also find many other introductory videos from other programs for your convenience. In one of the latest updates posted on the website the admin of TradeexPro reminds us there’s only a few days left for the campaign going on now offering a 5% to 15% deposit bonus if investing $100 or more in the program’s only 1%-5% for 365 days investment plan via PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, or AdvCash. Generally though investments in TradeexPro are allowed starting from $10 and you can always read more about this unique program by following this link to my review. Below is the latest news from TradeexPro:

Presentation of the investment program
Dear investors and partners.
We have prepared for you a 2 minute video presentation which described the areas of work and benefits of the company TradeexPro. You can share it with your current and potential partners. It will help them learn more about our company.
If you have any questions you can always ask their counselor online at our website 24/7.
Best Regards, TradeexPro team

The site has been translated into Spanish
Dear Investors,
We are happy to announce that TradeexPro activity continues to attract interest of investors all over the world, recently we’ve received a lot of letters from investors from Spain, asking for a new language panel.
For comfortable using of our investment platform specialy for our european collegues, site has been translated into Spanish language.
Switching the Language bar is on site at the top right corner of the menu.
P.S. We remind you that only 4 days left for offer “Advanced deposit”. Hurry up to create your deposit on attractive conditions today! We also want to inform you that TradeexPro team is developing a new high-profitable investment market. Stay tuned, something interesting is coming


Palmills (reviewed here) now has three investment plans starting from a $25 minimum and all providing instantly processed withdrawals to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts. The newly added plan, just like the others, credits interest on business days only and includes the principal in the total return by the end of the term. The new plan pays 5% for 30 business days with a total return on 150%, and I suspect it might become the most popular option since the others either require too long to reach the profit zone (3.5% for 60 business days) or not really rewarding the risk you are taking enough (6% for 20 business days). With Palmills claiming $2,000,000 in total investments after 100+ days in operation this might appeal to a new category of investor and bring some funds breathing new life into the program:

A new investment plan – 5% daily for 30 days (150% ROI)
We want to traditionally welcome all loyal customers of Palmills as well as new investors who have recently joined Palmills platform. As we have repeatedly stated, the main goal of our company is continuous development and the maximum meet of customers requirements. We are trying to be arranged under each of you and constantly listen to your suggestions and requests. Today we’re glad to present you a new investment package – 5% daily for 30 working days. It involves the total return of 150% (including deposit refund). We didn’t change any other terms – you can still invest any amount in the range of $25 to $50,000 and withdraw at any time once your balance $1 or more. This innovation was made possible by the rapid growth of attracted investments – to date, the total deposit of our investors is nearly $2 million. Hope, you agree that this is a great result of the project for a little more than 100 days of its work. Be with us, follow us on social media and stay tuned! Have a good week ahead!


One of the more interesting programs to come my way so far this year has to be Weollee. It’s another Telegram based program with a perpetual style investment plan that pays members 1.5% interest per day for how ever long the project manages to survive to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. The main difference with Weollee though is that it gives a lot more control and flexibility back to its members by allowing them to make full or partial withdrawals of their principals anytime they wish. The admin explained more about this in the interview he did for MNO here. In addition to the regular plan, existing members also have access to so called “turbo neurons” which allows them to earn an improved rate of interest of 2% per day but must be committed to a longer 10 day lock-in period if they wish to take advantage. You can read al about that in the review of Weollee first published on MNO here. Anyway, in other more recent news the admin has added a handy built-in calculator to the Weollee website which it is hoped will give investors a better idea of how to plan the best possible strategy with their investments there. Although the three updates I’m reposting below are all taken from the Weollee Telegram news channel there is a lot more to them than just that. They are also now on Facebook where investors are invited to visit them. The final update shares a few of the achievements made by the program to date. The only one that investors can say categorically is definitely true is the one regarding the number of days the program has been online. According to the update this is 38 (now 39) days, which isn’t bad considering you only need one single day to make a profit. The most recent news updates from Weollee can be read below:

Hello. This is Weollee
Today my creators have updated our website and added calculator which will help you predict your income within specific period of time. It’s an amazing and really necessary thing.
Thank you for attention.
!Make sure you did subscribe to our newsfeed. Be the first to know the news and bonuses!

Hello. This is Weollee
Here’s some statistics:
Telegram Channel – 968 users, Chat – 1114 users, International Chat – 166 users.
My creators would like to know our partners better in Facebook. Add us as a friend, post comments, share posts and make Weollee more popular all over the world. Freedom and prosperity should be spread throughout the world. Share your mission, but stay a bit humble)

Hello. This is Weollee
Today I would like to share with you our achievements that we did together. And they are awesome!
38 days of successful mission!
8900 investors all over the world has started their mission!
$1000 000+ were invested in my neural network!
$218 000+ of money payout


Another program based on the Telegram service as an operating system is Elizion, though quite different from the afore mentioned Weollee as they offer a fixed term investment plan. This term is 60 calendar days, during which Elizion are paying their members a fixed 3.33% daily interest rate to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and Ethereum. By coincidence today also marks 60 days since Elizion was first listed on the MNO monitor (read the review of the program here), so if anyone joined as soon as it appeared then it was definitely a good decision. In an effort to get the rank and file membership of the program a bit more involved in its promotion and advertising, the admin of Elizion is offering a 3.33% deposit bonus to any budding movie makers out there who want to put together a video about how to invest with the program. Please note that this will not be retroactive and will only be paid to new deposits made from the time the bonus was announced to the closing date of March 5. You can read about the offer from Elizion in the newsletter below:

Hello, dear partners. Today we announce start of an opportunity, which will profitable to you. Do you want to get an additional bonus of +3.33% to the amount of your investment?
For this purpose you need to record the detailed video about process of creation of investment into the Elizion company, to post video on the YouTube channel and to send the link to email: events@elizion.org with a letter subject “Elizion investment”.
In the message it will necessarily specify your Telegram ID or user name in Web platform in order to we identified you.
The bonus will be added within 24 hours after getting a link to your video. Only investments created from the moment of the publication of this announcement to March 5 inclusive on GMT can take part in the event.
Yours faithfully, Elizion team.


Non Russian speakers may not be aware of this, but February 23 is a holiday in Russia plus a few of the former CIS countries. What has that got to do with the online HYIP industry you ask? Well, the admin of 1Solution (reviewed on MNO here) decided he was going to celebrate and help his investors do so with him by adding a 10% deposit bonus to anyone who made a deposit on that day. As the holiday is now over, the bonus offer has expired along with it, so good luck to everyone who managed to take advantage. 1Solution has perhaps the most unusual and unorthodox investment plan I have ever come across as a monitor, so you should really read the MNO review first to make sure you know what’s going on before visiting the program’s website. What they have is a series of time sensitive offers that are generally only valid for an hour or so before being withdrawn and replaced by something else. If you like the offer you see in front of you at the time, you can join 1Solution using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin.

To all new deposits, opened on February 23, we add + 10% bonus
Dear Customers!
To honor Defender of the Fatherland Day, +10% bonus will be added to all new deposits opened on this day.


As I explained in the previous news update, today is celebrated in Russia and popularly referred to as Men’s Day, or as the admin of AgrarianBenefit called it “Defender of the Fatherland Day”. There were other references made to the day’s significance in other countries too. Well if you think there was no reason for that then you’re mistaken, because it was grounds to offer a deposit bonus for new investors in AgrarianBenefit of 2.23%. The investment plans available there include 5% for 30 days, 109% after 5 days, 10% every 5 days for 15 days + principal back, two of them are open from only a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, and NixMoney. To learn more about the investment plans in AgrarianBenefit and the program’s main features please refer to the detailed review on MNO here. Below is the information of the deposit bonus which may no longer be relevant by the time you read this:

A nice bonus on 23 February from AgrarianBenefit Ltd.
We’d like to congratulate all investors from Russia and the CIS on Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is traditionally celebrated on February 23.
Besides, Switzerland holds the Luzernen Fasnacht carnival on this day, which is confined to farewell to winter and in anticipation of the Lent.
Germany similarly holds its carnival in Catholic regions, calling it Fastnacht or Fasching, as a farewell to winter as well.
In the Czech Republic, the Butter Week is called Masopust and is celebrated on a traditional noble scale since the 13th century.
We are pleased to presage the spring coming – with a slight change in the design; down with the winter, spring is coming!
Coincidentally, we have also reached the cherished milestone of $1 million total investment in our project, so we give away a nice bonus to everyone who makes a deposit on February 23 – 2.23% to the body of the deposit!
Thank you and enjoy your holiday, once again!
On behalf of our entire team.
Best regards, AgrarianBenefit Ltd. Team


MacaoLotto (reviewed here) is perhaps the most unpopular program from all the Premium programs on MNO with no active investors joining under my link. Maybe it was due to its generally overcomplicated nature, the need to click every day to earn 0% to 6% per day over the first fifty days of the term, and the matter of trust towards the accuracy of the allocated prizes. The admin seems to have addressed some of the issues in the two latest updates where two major improvements have been made investors who purchased tickets from $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. The first is called the “Autoclicker” and once activated in your account you will be able to skip the process of picking random numbers and will only need to come to your account once in a while to request your winning amount. And to make sure that the process is honest and transparent it will be handled independently with the assistance of the random.org website. More on those new features from MacaoLotto please find below:

Dear investors and players.
Today, a new feature “Autoclicker” was launched in the investment tickets.
By incorporating “Autoclicker” You will not have to come every day to your personal account and select blocks with percent gain. “Autoclicker” do it for you.
“Autoclicker” is activated for 5 minutes after switching on. And immediately triggered as soon as the time comes.

Certification investment tickets
Today the Company MacaoLotto, certified investment tickets. Certification in the APLA association – a guarantee of fair gaming, compliance with all obligations to investors and players, as well as guarantee the strict fulfillment of imposed obligations.
From today, all interest gains in the investment units of the ticket is generated and exposed through a third-party service random.org, rather than through automation within the site, which eliminates interference with the work of investment tickets.
random.org service has no relation to the Company, and therefore ensures an independent and transparent nomination of winning bets in 6 blocks of each investment ticket.


The admin of SportArbitrage is usually very thorough when it comes to running his program and a recent glitch that affected a few accounts where payments were not sent to was the main subject of his latest newsletter. I’m not sure that my own account was affected by that, but I’m pleased that the admin does seem to have taken the matter seriously and promised to reimburse anyone actually affected by the issue described in the update below:

Important information about your recent withdrawal request!
Dear investor,
Yesterday, our payouts wallet notified us of a small technical glitch that affected some of recent your withdrawal requests. We use this payout wallet to process mass payments and, unfortunately, a few withdrawal requests were canceled without our authorization.
In the next 48 hours, these withdrawals will be either reset and approved automatically, or canceled and your account balance will be compensated with the same amount so you can withdraw again.
I would like to reinforce that this glitch was on our payment processor side and NOT on SportArbitrage, 99% of our withdrawal requests were sent as usual and this issue has already been fixed.
We have also changed our payouts wallet to prevent this from happening again, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion caused.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and thank you for understanding.
Kind regards, SportArbitrage

If you haven’t read my full review of SportArbitrage posted here, I’ll just remind you a bit about its main features. The program can accept investments starting from $25 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, LiteCoin, OkPay, NixMoney, or Payza. They pay for terms running 30 to 120 calendar days and give a 60% to 90% share of the profits made from their bets on sporting event activities. The rates are posted every calendar day on the website, and you can request your payouts daily as well, but note that withdrawals are only processed by the admin twice daily Monday to Friday. And there is no need to worry whether you need your seed money before the expiry date when your principal is supposed to be returned, as SportArbitrage do allow to request it prematurely by paying a 25% fee. I believe the program has just started its advertising campaign, so most likely it will expand by purchasing additional advertising spots on MNO soon.


The administration of Edelweiss5 likes to imagine they run a real company and try to convince the investors of the same. Of course, that’s far from the truth, but on the plus side many people less familiar than MNO readers with the real nature of the HYIP industry could invest larger amounts that will be used to pay smaller investors. Such a practice might sound deceiving, but it has proved efficient time and time again and allowed many similar programs to run for months, if not years without a hitch. Therefore it’s very important that such programs advertise themselves not only online, but offline as well by holding all types of different seminars, conferences, summits, etc. And talking of summits, the next one dedicated to international policies on environmental protection and development of alternative energy sources – something that Edelweisss is allegedly involved with – will be held in Kiev at the beginning of March. So, if you are going to be in the Ukrainian capital on the 5th of March you might as well attend the summit and put your questions directly to the program’s CEO. And even before that, on the 2nd of March there will be a presentation of Edelweiss5 held in the Turkish city of Bandirma which you’re free to attend by calling and booking your spot in advance over the phone as specified in the latest news updates from the program below:

International research and financial summit Edelweiss5
Dear friends! With great pleasure we wish to inform about the upcoming meeting of the leaders of our company and invite all interested to take part in the international research and financial summit, which will address the issues of renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies, and will provide unique platform to launch important initiatives, investments, applications and improve awareness in the business sector. The main topics of the summit: international policy in the sphere of environmental protection; increase in the rate of growth of efficiency of alternative energy; the main strategic directions of development of cleaner technologies; the financing of alternative energy projects for future development. Leading speakers of the summit will be Alfa Group Alliance Board of Directors member, a leading marketing expert, business coach Otokar Kasinets and CEO of Edelweiss5 Philip Claudi. You will not only find the answers to all the questions, but also just spend a pleasant evening, which will ensure you a show program from “Para Normalykh” band. The event will take place on 5th March at: Bolshaya Vasylkivska, 55, Hall of Champions, NSC “Olimpiyskiy”, Kiev. Starting at 15.00. We are looking forward to your presence.

The presentation of our company in Bandirma, Turkey
Dear friends !! We invite you to the presentation of our company in Bandirma, which will be held on March 2 at the Eken Prestige Hotel. Presentation devoted to the activity of our company in alternative energy, innovations and alternative technologies for active increase our scale in this area, which in the future will contribute to the growth of the stability and security of international energy systems, sustainable energy, diversification of energy supply, energy independence at the local level and global interdependence. We are waiting for you on March 2, 2017 19:00 at the address: Mehmet Akif Ersoy avenue 7, Bandirma / Balikesir, Turkey. Phones for place hold: +905382756926 / +902667155518. We will be glad to see you among our guests!

By the way, if you have no idea what Edelweiss5 is you may be interested to read my full review of the program posted here or the interview with the admin here. For those who don’t have time I’ll just mention that you may join Edelweiss5 for a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, or even direct Bank wire. Your account will then accrue 1% on business days (Monday to Friday) with a lower interest of 0.5% on Saturdays and Sundays over a period of 365 calendar days. Remember that the profit is accumulated in your account and the payment button to request payouts will only be enabled on the website twice a month (1st through 3rd or 16th through 19th) and the payouts may take up to 5 business days to be paid to your e-currency account. Of course, these rules are kinda restricted and do not allow much flexibility, so only invest in Edelweiss5 if you fully understand the conditions of the investment plan and do not mind waiting for a long time before seeing your profits actually get paid:


I must admit that though DecenterMe is still a brand-new program on MNO’s Sticky/Premium list still to be reviewed in a couple of days it has attracted lots of attention from my readers already. With its crisp futuristic design and a simple 3% daily “forever” investment plan, a lot of readers have already invested either via their Telegram messenger, or directly from the website (yes, with DecenterMe you can actually do both!) and now are getting paid automatically to their BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash accounts. There was one issue though with many people who chose to invest in DecenterMe via BitCoin. Their payments just take ages to get confirmed, and it’s possibly something to do with a small fee allocated to miners. Of course, you will still be credited with payments to your BitCoin account once they are confirmed in Blockchain, but many people wouldn’t be patient about the issue. I myself was affected by this long waiting period to receive payments via BitCoin and some of my readers too, while one of them actually suggested yesterday that the fee associated with the transaction should be increased in order to get paid via Blockchain faster. And I believe he contacted the admin of DecenterMe with this suggestion as well, because just earlier tonight I was contacted by the admin who gave me instructions on how to change the fees from the default 0.0001 BTC up to 0.0005 BTC. Remember that he will pass the difference onto you, so think what you need more – higher payouts or faster confirmed transactions and follow the link to the screenshot instructing you on where to find this option in your DecenterMe Telegram bot account:

New Bitcoin fee selector is now available in Telegram bot settings. According to your deposited amount you are allowed to put a higher fee – however we only pay 0.0001 BTC, the rest is paid by YOU!


Unfortunately there is one negative update from the HYIP industry in today’s news section on MNO as well. As expected last night, FenusFive has stopped paying completely and the admin actually admitted that to me via email which doesn’t happen often, I must say. The most curious thing though is that he stopped accepting new investments as well and you cannot make new deposits anymore, so even unsuspecting investors and those who trust Paying statuses on unreliable monitors are saved from losing money even by accident now. I would say it was a noble thing on the admin’s side to do, but the eventual result is still not positive for everyone for sure – someone had to lose money in the end. Those of you lucky enough to get into FenusFive at the right time and get out with a profit had ample opportunity to do so as the program was listed on MNO since day one and lasted for four weeks. The investment terms in FenusFive ranged from one day to fifteen days, so there was a good chance to profit from it. The admin promised to list his new programs on MNO as well, so if you liked FenusFive and made some profits from it you will be able to try to replicate the success soon enough.


Payza was once a very popular payment processor in the HYIP industry, and even now it remains as such among investors, but not the admins. Currently only three programs out of thirty listed on MNO accept it – PassiveLoan (reviewed here), BandeiraCorp (reviewed here), and SportArbitrage (reviewed here) with the latter only accepting manual deposits without having a payment button approved yet. Meanwhile, the huge improvements to its service Payza has done over the last two years definitely paid off, as global recognition was confirmed lately by receiving the MPE-2017 award for Best Online Payment Method. That stands for Merchant Payments Ecosystem which recently held a conference in Berlin where the award was presented. You can read comments on that in the articles below and if interested you can sign-up for a free Payza account here:

Payza Wins Best Online Payment Method at the MPE 2017 Awards
2017 has only just begun and it’s already an exciting year for Payza. Wednesday night at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin, Payza was announced as the winner of the MPE 2017 Online Payment Method Award.
“2016 was a banner year for Payza,” said Firoz Patel, global executive vice president of Payza, who accepted the award on the company’s behalf. “The United Kingdom, for instance, saw over 150% year-over-year growth in terms of new merchant accounts. Overall, Payza saw 50% YOY growth in business signups and 225% growth in merchant payment volume. To be recognized as the best online payment method from among Europe’s leading providers is a credit to Payza’s continuing effort of providing local payment options to our users in Europe and across the globe.”
The MPE Awards, which celebrate and honor the achievements of companies and personalities across the European merchant payments ecosystem, selected Payza as the Online Payment Method Award winner based on its built-in fraud protection and state-of-the-art unique account security features, such as tokenized dynamic payment buttons, custom avatars and greeting messages, and Password and PIN protection; its flexible payment options, such as recurring subscription and split payments for marketplaces; and its hassle free integration that provides European merchants the choice to set their payment preferences based on the countries to which they are selling.
In addition to winning the Online Payment Method Award, Payza was also shortlisted for the Data Information Award, which recognizes achievements in using big data to improve the customer experience, decrease fraud, and increase profitability.
“Winning this award wouldn’t have been possible without the combined contributions of each and every Payza employee,” continued Patel. “From our amazing customer support staff, and our dedicated IT team and software engineers, to our merchant account managers, and our banking, fraud prevention, and account security teams, this achievement was the culmination of a full company effort.”
Payza’s staff has been growing rapidly to keep up with the increasing demand for the company’s services. That demand is a testament to the company’s focus on providing specialized local payment solutions for unique markets while offering an online platform where consumers and businesses in both developed and developing economies can participate.
With new offerings targeted at some of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world, including India, Brazil, and Bangladesh, Payza is poised for yet another breakout year.

Press Release: Payza Wins Best Online Payment Method at the MPE 2017 Awards
The following sections are taken from a press release published on PRWeb. Find the full release here.
Payza, a global online payment platform, is proud to announce that they have won the 2017 Merchant Payments Ecosystem Award for Best Online Payment Method. The MPE Awards were announced at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin, Germany, February 15, 2017.
“2016 was a banner year for Payza,” said Firoz Patel, global executive vice president of Payza, who accepted the award on the company’s behalf. “The United Kingdom, for instance, saw over 150% year-over-year growth in terms of new merchant accounts. Overall, Payza saw 50% YOY growth in business signups and 225% growth in merchant payment volume. To be recognized as the best online payment method from among Europe’s leading providers is a credit to Payza’s continuing effort of providing local payment options to our users in Europe and across the globe.”
Along with the Online Payment Method Award win, Payza was also shortlisted for the Data Information Award, which recognizes achievements in using big data to improve customer experience, decrease fraud, and increase profitability.
“Winning this award wouldn’t have been possible without the combined contributions of each and every Payza employee,” continued Patel. “From our amazing customer support staff, and our dedicated IT team and software engineers, to our merchant account managers, and our banking, fraud prevention, and account security teams, this achievement was the culmination of a full company effort.”
The complete list of 2017 MPE Award winners can be found here: https://www.merchant...s/Overview.alej”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: DecenterMe, OnePunchLtd (the first payments received).
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, SumWexRazzletonElizion, MexeerBandeiraCorpPalmills, Edelweiss5LensenGroupWhyNotWeollee, AgrarianBenefitRichmondBerksSportArbitrageDowerly, TeaHouseSoftMining, CoinTransferMacaoLottoTradeexPro, 1Solution, TradeBTC, Mavis.
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoan.
From MNO Basic list: UltraMining.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. I’ll be back again on Saturday with a detailed look at DecenterMe and all the latest updates from the huge array programs currently listed on the MNO monitor. Remember that with the most expensive listing I deal only with quality and high-profile programs run by the most experienced HYIP admins. The season is in its prime now with spring just around the corner, and that means there will be lots more investment opportunities on MNO which you won’t have to miss. In order to stay up-to-date please follow me on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook, or subscribe to the newsfeed which will send the full articles posted on the MNO blog directly to your email address you can enter on this page. Thanks for reading, and see you all over the weekend, guys!

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