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Things That Turn Out Better Than Not? (Follow Me Here)

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Posted 17 April 2015 - 08:47 PM

Hi guys at my PHF, I love you and miss you. - This is a message from paradise. - I have made alot of thoughts and not all of them poker, as you most know, that is my other vice.... -> this is something that crossed my mind and have asked my forum members to participate in, and since it's more directed this way I wanted to ask you guys to play, too... So I'll mod the post through both forums. If admin here allows, I will post the postlink at my forum, but for now, I will only link as appropriate.
-----------------------quote from btd post------------------------------
Every bigMoney scheme is a scam; or as the saying goes, "Gas, Grass, or Ass... Nobody rides for free."  I'm inclined to agree with this opinion, however there is also another saying that says, "nothing is absolute"; I also agree with this statement.  These two concepts create a question in my head...
Since, my belief is that nothing is absolute, then there MUST be a ratio of "legitimate" BigMoneySchemes; even if, one in a million, they need to exist.  Considering that, I ponder all the website dedicated to the "outing" of such preposterous scams, lies, and tales.... There are literally hundreds, even thousands; all claiming to have the best and most complete list of.... let's for grins call them, "Factual False-eties"....
As above there are many sites dedicated to identifying, listing, and shaming frauds, scams, and untrue story-tellers and their tales; but what about the other way around? What site out there has dedicated itself to identiying and honoring the ones who prove themselves true or at least reliable.  For example, you hear of a really great (you think it sounds good, anyway) business opportunity. You can either jump right in and almost always lose your money (The only real winner is the sales-scammer), or you can do some due diligence and learn what you're supposed to - that easy money schemes are rarey profitable, and keep your money (consider that a profit).  Again I ask the question - What about those Avengers that spend their time trying to validate them - Those things reported as schemes, but have yet to be proven false; that turn out to be true "hidden-gems"??
I'm wondering, "What would a site like this look like?? What kinds of opportunites would they be?? We've all been exposed to Survey web-sites that claim to pay you well for your time takling their surveys, and what usually happens is that you've ruined your email address by inviting junk; but some of those sites are absolutely "Gemmy" and don't ruin your address by flooding their new friend with crap, but which ones??  Have you ever been interesting in playing the pyramid games?? There are web-sites out there that swing both ways where folks will pay other folks to display paying credits to steal your money and disappear - but again, some of those CAN be profitable if only for a short time - the idea there is to be the first to "get out" at a profit. There are some sites that try to help their members profit from the pyramids by garnering valid info from their members, in essence creating a SBG (Small Business Group). Let's face it, you have a better chance to get in and get out at a profit if you've got the support of other active members helping to guide you.  I've personally played the "click to earn" type of scheme... In my opinion, and although a larger percentage of these are valid - the time it takes to gather and cash out is not worth it. (With our own experience as online poker players to draw from and rely upon, we stand to gain much more and with less further effort, than click for pay.)  could it involve trading monies??  I really don't know but would like to come up with something....
an example of something is... the Pet Rock...
This is something from when I was a kid, and everyone laughed, but we had one.  So did so many million other birthday celebrators and other proud owners of this new pet; maybe you did, too?
I'd like to gather some interested folks into this post to maybe create a "team" to look into stuff like this and post back here.
I'd like to confirm that sometimes even though something looks a little fishy, it could have some validity - I'd like to highlight those gems that prove the condition wrong.  It's so easy to kill a good idea by disproving something about it - but where are those that continue to resist those efforts??  I guess I'm rambling... Consider this an invitation to join this conversation.
Thanks for being a great and honest, family friendly forum