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Rossman's Other Timewaster, Need Ideas To Renew/reinvigorate

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 10:27 PM

Hi guys - I'm not promoting!!



I had to say that because I'm asking for help.  I recently inherited a forum that has all but died.....



I've been a member here for a couple months and you guys have all taken me in so well, I'm humbled; and so I have and will not run around the forum yelling my forum name; I draw a line between the two;  But I had a great idea!!


So the story so far is, when I found PHF I was just a poker player who was a moderator at a forum....that was dying.   There are some heartbeats, and I am the CPR guy here. - Since I found PHF I've become Admin/Owner of  BTDpokerForum.org, which has been bleeding members for a few years and fallen below an acceptable operating level.  I have been given the task of "rebuild" on the administrative side of the forum (Which is better than having to code all that crap), I have plenty of time as I explained, "Hey, I have alot goin' on, right now.  How much time do I have?"  He says, "As much as you want. It's yours, I owe it to you, my real site pays for it."



We argued about it a little, and I think I got him to stay on as co-admin to help me until he decides to leave, but I will take the reigns.


I decided then, to think of new stuff for the next few months that will generate new members, rebuild "classic posts" in the forum, and create new exciting posts to elicit responses.


I have an idea - but it would need some work.  I'm looking at over 200 altcurrencies for something to use as forum currency.


I know PHF already has a system, and I think this one would be similar, but I wanna use an alt-coin, if I could come up with something worth promoting it could be beneficial to adding members (at least for a moment).


This is the hard part... Finding one to  promote, and then making contact with the maker to kick down enough coins to bring  users to both the coin and BTD.  The coins donated from the creators would be used as rewards for tasks needed by the forum, participation, blah, blah, blah, you get it...


They would also need the ability to be traded on those alt currency markets, adding to their value as forum currency.



This is my first idea for the new format and only addresses the economy, other aspects are keeping members (running leagues, freerolls, etc.), generating return visits and stuff....  and in no hurry to 'get on it' just thinking, right now,  need more ideas




I have some time - just thought you guys might have some insight for me.


Thanks for hangin.



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Posted 05 September 2014 - 03:07 AM

If I understood, you are looking for partnering with an Alt-coin ?


Perhaps you can partner with sites which offer free bitcoins. Some of these companies are looking for extending their members to advertise later services and products I suppose. On the other side, they offer free bitcoins regularly to their members.

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