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Please Read First - Moneynewsonline Review

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Posted 20 April 2014 - 05:02 PM

Here is my honest review of this very particular monitor after being in this industry for many years.


MoneyNewsOnline is surely one of the oldest paid monitor in the hyip industry. This monitor gained some popularity within the years since 2007. Now, it's one of the most important monitor to look for searching hyips to invest.


The owner is known as Paul who is russian native and he has a very diversified audience from all countries from small investors to big funds investors.


Paul likes telling that now he is accepting only ELITE programs but I think he forgets adding for EXPERIENCED investors.

My experience as a newbie there was awful. Any newbie there can easily lose lots of money if they follow his programs. Hard fact is newbie there can be compared to chickens for hyip admins. Some hyip admins know that some poor newbies will invest in their programs whatever their programs are decent or not. 

Paul is using strong rules to avoid that his programs monitored gets too much negativity, which will scare the poor newbies.

I was a member of his popular chat box. I don't accept lies, I like sharing, I don't like unfair things. I learnt more and more about this industry, became more experienced and started to be more critical about programs proposed on monitors.

Unfortunately, I discovered soon that such my fair attitude was not appreciated by Paul and the day has come when I was banned from his popular chat box.

I started to hate his monitor, playing with Paul shoutbox who hided the first characters of my username (You could read ****o in the list of online users in his shoutbox). Later, I noticed that some fair players like me were banned : Louie (a PHF member now I really like his honesty), Woody, EcoBoost,...

ALL those banned and EXPERIENCED guys were bringing some truth about programs monitored.


What can you think of this monitor ? Experienced guys telling some truth are not welcome here!


Still, don't consider that all programs monitored are bad here, there are really some germs here but not easy to find if you are a newbie. That's why in the header of the folder, I don't recommend this monitor for newbies!


If we exclude programs from this monitor and Paul's awful behaviour, then I admit I would put this monitor as my #1 hyip blog. I can't deny he has many talents and if he used his experience of hyip blogger, this monitor could be a very good monitor. 


Some good things :

  • For the daily news part, you have a good summary about what happens in the industry. it can help you to feel a red flag soon, help you to finally make a deposit because you can see admin improving his program with new features and starting to use another payment processor. As an example, before LR was shut down, I have read lots of bad news about LR in Paul'news from hacking of accounts. Those bad news starting to be more regular. Those things makes me so afraid that I started to move more and more funds from LR to PM. I think it saved me not to lose too much funds in the end. If you don't believe me, read the archives from MNO before LR was shut down !
  • Paul is a good writter


Some advices :

  • For the reviews, read them with a good pinch of salt, use just info to understand the business plan and grap all technical details like the script, the hosting, the main features and all the things that possibly make the program stand out from the rest. Forget the positive feelings from Paul!
  • Don't limit reading the MNO chat box, I currently advice reading DavidNews chat box where you can speak freely here. Yep you will find some fair guys here banned by Paul in MNO chat box. On the other side, the chat is free so you can find some guys with bad intentions. My advice : read the chat for some time first and establish a list of regular fair guys (they don't talk about only one program, able to be critical on programs even on own programs they invested,...). Example of fair guys : Louie, Woody, EcoBoost, AdrianD, Eimra (Yet not fan of her promotionnal methods)
  • If you want to participate in MNO chat box : posting proof of payments are welcome but only from programs monitored, if you have pendings better to contact Paul directly, don't shout SCAM without any proof, don't try to be too critical with Paul (being neutral is the best), do not advertise anything (I remember I talked once about "my forum" not giving any forum name and Paul gave me immediately a warning). Overall talking general things is the best.


I'm amazed Paul reverted recently my username to Colaro (instead of ****o) in his chat box. Thanks Paul if you read this. I have really mixed feelings with this monitor. I stop now as there could be pages to write about this very special monitor. Enjoy the best of this monitor!



Written by an old member of MNO chat box and Co-Admin of this forum.




P.S : The reviews and daily news from MNO (the same is for DavidNews Monitor) are not written by me of course even if you can see my username as the author of the threads. I'm not such good writter as Paul  :lol:

In fact, for convenience of my members, all the news and reviews coming from MNO are uploaded automatically in the forum using my username so you don't have to load MNO monitor & read them.