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Why it's easier to make money with hyips compared to other business online?

Hyips are the most easiest ways to make some extra bucks, perfectly adapted to those who have a job offline.
Sure that some other business offer better profits BUT :
  • They need lots of hard work in the beginning
  • You have to devote to your business everyday and consistently. You will earn cents if you are not dedicated!
  • Results comes low. At the beginning, as compared to your involved work, you don't make a lot of money, you need to build lists of subscribers which takes a long time (particularly in MLM)
  • You have to recruit, sell services / products to people. MOST people don't know how to write good salesletters and to recruit efficiently. In hyips, you are not forced to recruit anyone!
Well, within many years, you will surely get a nice monthly income if you do your own business. Problem is most people get frustrated by the hard work involved everyday with very few results for some time in the beginning. The "Get Rich quick" schema which is highly promoted in network marketing but in fact those who make decent income have huge list of subscribers and forget to tell you they took years to build this list. I personnally was not a good recruiter yet writing my own salesletters. Just got a few clicks. I think I should have worked more but it was impossible to combine with my job. Also I was not ready to quit my job so quickly.