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Using FREE money earned to invest in hyips

Earnings from money games should not be a replacement of an actual job or offline business. There are some lucky ones of course who are really raking in some money but either they have a good number of referrals or they risked a few thousand $ in order to actually earn a substantial amount that's enough for them to quit their jobs.

However, what I'm suggesting is to join sites where you can earn free money without putting in any and then use that said money for higher-earning programs. One good example is PHF. Members are rewarded for actively participating here. The monthly payout reward you will get can be used to join a good money game program.

Another thing that one can try would be PTC sites. You can either cashout the measly amount you'll get from there and use it on programs where they accept $1 deposits or you can use your earnings from that PTC to advertise a better program and get referrals. Some of my refs in PV came from a PTC site wherein I only used the earnings I got from clicking and renting refs to purchase their PTSU. Those refs, helped me reach the first 2 ref milestones at PV. They may have not contributed much to the purchase requirement but they were instrumental for me to reach the required number of refs and clicks to reach those milestones.
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