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Top Basic Rules Of A 6 Months Hyip Player In Our Community

Since I have joined this forum I made quite a good impression to myself understanding how these programs generally work.
This forum brought me skills fed me analytic wisdom and at the same time keeping being truthfully in a world of lies.

In 6 Months I have learned the most basic rules that if you dont use them you will be loosing for sure playing with the programs.
And they are:

1st and most crucial : NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGS IN ONE BASKET ( Spent only what you can afford to loose)

2nd : Do not invest more than 10% on a single program.

3rd : Only join programs in the beginning and after an extensive research, analytic, and with feeling, and very very important most of all: pay very attention to what people say about this admin previous programs, don't even bother to join programs of unknown admins.

4rd: Spread your capital in 10 different researched analysed programs, take at leat one week to study each program behavior.

5th: Take at least 2 hours a day to be updated with all your investments info, forums , research, PHF, MMG, talkgodl etc, , and if you take 4 , do 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

6th : If you get scammed , let it go dont go down , keep your head up you there are still other programs giving you earnings.

7th: Send always a ticket or email to the website before joining to get your feeling about the admin.
Do not invest in short high programs with basic scripts as you see in other programs,pay attention to the faqs and to what they write in the website,

8th : Never never but never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!! read it and think that its the same as someone is inventing something by email in order to get your attention or to make you feel vulnerable and accept the way.
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!

9th : Do not compound, this has to do with greed, but to be in a safe zone, take this rule and always apply and you will be safer for sure! withdraw every day you can!

10th : be always you , no matter what, be always you and don't let yourself be changed in the name of greed! be inner with yourself! it will help you in life!
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