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The variants of short-term ( fast ) HYIP

I consider there are mainly two variants of short-term ( fast ) HYIP :
  • Brain new Short-Terms
  • Short-terms that have been low-profile for a long time before suddenly getting out of the closet with lots of fire-works and a more-or-less heavy advertisement campaign.
While I seldom choose these investments, one thing I do with all short-terms is getting out in and out as quick as I can. I don't like to complete more than 2 cycles. You see I'm more on the conservative side. I prefer to pocket a small profit than risk the big call.

With that said, I've been more successful with the second category, as long as I invested as soon as they launch their advertisement campaign.

I join brain new short-terms when I see a big popular wave and wide positive response from investors accross the network. I don't risk my money in low-profile short-terms, as I consider it's more risky. That pretty much gives you the picture for me .
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