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START your hyip journey here - Welcome!

Hello visitor or member,

You came to our forum to learn how to make some money with Passive Income Programs?

Passive Income Programs are surely one of the easiest way to make money online. It doesn't need lots of work so it's well adapted to busy people (students who need some extra money, people who want to improve a little their daily life, people who have a job offline but want to make some extra money).

BUT you have to be aware that there is no guarantee to make money in those programs. They are very risky so only experience and learning will help you to make money. They can be best compared to Casinos yet with better chances to win with the experience you will acquire.

To have the best chances to win the game, you need a good forum. The problem is most forums in this industry are useless and frustrating for newbies. They don't tell you the TRUTH.

Well, at least you found an honest place. So be ready to read ALL the truth about this tough but exciting industry.

Our community is family oriented so you are expected to keep calm when posting. Read our rules carefully if not done, you will avoid being banned :

We strongly advice you to take the time to learn about the basics of this industry. Investing right now real money in hyips would be like donating money to anyone!
Follow this educating post starting from step 1. All links are opened in a new window so when you have finished reading, you can close the window to go back to the main post.


Don't forget to introduce you to our community if not done as it's crucial you start discussing with experienced investors.

All quick updates and news in our forum are written below so read them as regularly as possible not to miss important new features for example :

If you accepted to receive emails from us then you can receive some newsletters but we will not spam your mailbox unnecessary, only if there are important information to communicate to our community.

The administrators and the moderators wish you good luck in your investments :D

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