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Searching for new passive income programs to invest

There are many different ways to search for new passive income programs to invest.

1) Hyip programs

Most of new hyip programs which open are listed in the GoldPoll monitor which is the most famous hyip monitor.

You can also search for the latest additions using the link below :

Also the popular forums, Talkgold, MoneyMakerGroup and DreamTeamMoney are filled everyday with new additions.

You will see quickly that for a newbie, it can be a nightmare to sort out all those many hyips which open everyday.

So if you don't have a lot of time to review hyips in those sites, you can subscribe to some popular hyip blogs, some have RSS / mail subscription so you know quickly when a new hyip opened.
I highly recommend to be selective in your hyip blogs choices as many promotes fast scams. Sadly, they are looking only for a referral commission or they made a deal with the hyip admin. It's possible that a hyip blogger promote a deliberate fast scam (he knows this is a fast scam) but the hyip admin give him some free money.

How to select your hyip blogs? That's simple, monitor them during a given period. Make some calculations to check that if you had invested at the same time as the hyip blogger, you would be in profit. Now, you have to do your analysis with a range of different hyips. It's really difficult, even a very experienced investor (more than 10 years in the industry for example) to be in profit in ALL hyips. On the contrary, if ALL programs promoted by the hyip blogger are fast scams then I advice you to forget about it.
Little by little, you will build your own "trusted" lists to find a decent hyip. It can take years to build, sometimes I delete some, sometimes I add some lists. Each of us has their own vision of a "trusted" list so I will not give you any particular hyip blog to search for decent hyips.
A particular case of monitor is MoneyNewsOnline (MNO) which accepts any hyips (good hyips as well as bad hyips).

Even if you have a list of "trusted" hyip blogs, I highly recommend you to do your own due diligence for each hyip you would like to invest. Read this article for more info (only available for known members who introduce to our community) :

2) Hybrid Programs and PTA programs

All Hybrid Programs and PTA programs can be found usually in the most popular forums (Talkgold, MoneyMakerGroup and DreamTeamMoney) in their dedicated section.

Like hyips, you will find some decent blogs promoting them. Like hyips, monitor those blogs and act accordingly.

At the end, your will follow your own feelings about the program to decide if you want to invest or not.