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Please Read First Before Depositing Money - How To Check If An Hyip Is Still Paying ?

I'm creating this topic as I've just seen an investor made a deposit in a NON PAYING hyip.

Before doing the deposit process in any hyip you are interested, it's very important to check if hyip is still paying. And the status can change very quickly within 1 day. If you see an hyip which was still in paying status yesterday, that does not mean necessary that it will be paying if you invest today.

Two important links to add in your favorites, enter the website domain of your hyip and check status on multiple monitors :You should see a global PAYING Status. If PROBLEM wait if they go back to PAYING.

This first part give you an overall status, don't stop at that.

Look at :
1) Payment reports from regular investors ======> Middle chat box of hyipchat.com
If not find a paying status in 1)

2) Look at this forum and the popular forums Talkgold, MoneyMakerGroup and DreamTeamMoney : look for REGULAR investors (those you know well here for example), not status of paid monitors which is worse or what we call "paid posters" (People who are paid by hyip admins to post fake status).

Here are the links of the TOP 3 more popular hyips forums
Talkgold (TG) : http://www.talkgold.com/forum/
MoneyMakerGroup (MMG) : http://www.moneymake...com/forums.html
DreamTeamMoney (DTM) : http://www.dreamteammoney.com/

P.S : A trick to go directly to the HYIP thread in one of the popular forums. Go to google and make a search like "HyipDomain talkgold" or "HyipDomain moneymakergroup" or "HyipDomain dreamteammoney". Examples of hyipDomain : sol-r.org, visitad.com, ad-solid.com, v-finance.net,...

3) You can ask too for a confirmation of paying status in the forum or in hyipchat.com

Remark : You appreciate to see paying reports of private investors you know ? As a private investor, you can contribute too to help having an accurate hyip status by posting as regularly as possible your payout reports in popular forums (TG, MMG and DTM) and hyipchat.

To be continued...
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