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Liberty's Factors While Choosing An Online Investment Plan

Liberty's Factors While Choosing An Online Investment Plan

Hi guys,

In my mind any plan [ad-based, product-based, investment-based, MLM] that uses e-currencies should be considered an HYIP.
I think one should not compare it with offline product-based plans.
Treat it like a gamble and NEVER depend on it for a living.
I keep the following factors in mind while getting into HYIPs.

ROI: The higher the returns, the higher the risk. I tend to stay away from any plan that offers more than 3% a day.
Factors like principle returned or included also affect my choice.

Stability/sustainability: The lesser the returns, the longer is the sustainability of the plan.
Example: A plan that offers 300% overall return depends on 2 new members to pay out 1 old member - higher risk, shorter life
A plan that offers 150% overall return depends on 1 new member to pay out 2 old members - lower risk, longer life

Professional Admin/Support: Starting with the website design, original script, member interaction, social media, to live chat, company announcements, prompt payments and good communication language. These are all quite discernable. If an admin has paid attention and put in effort into these factors, it shows that they care and have long term plans.

Timing: For plans greater than 3% a day, get in in the first week only if you really wanna go for them.
Less than 3% a day plans with principle returns, get in within the first term. Re-invest based on performance.
Less than 3% a day plans without principle return, I'd expect to last for atleast 400 days.

Alexa rankings: Only for plans offering less than 2% a day. [More than 2% a day plans usually don't last long enough for Alexa to matter ]
It's always good to join a plan in the growth phase, or even during the initial stages of the stable graph phase.
Other factors here like countries involved, bounce%, reach% are good indicators.
I have noticed countries like Russia, Indonesia, India, USA and Pakistan are usually in the top 10 of all superhits - just an observation.
I like plans that grow over a period of time rather than just rocket into the top 10,000 in a matter of weeks. I noticed this happens in Russian admin sites as they seem to know the tricks of SEO and know the channels of promotion better than most others because of their experience.

Payment processors: LR, PM and EgoPay are the usual ones. Payza and STP enjoy more confidence in the investor community.
If the management has gone through the verification process of STP and specially Payza, they normally plan to stay for a while, or might even have some genuine business model to prove to the verifiers.

Advertising budgets: Plans that spend alot over time on all popular forums and monitors in ads also generally last longer. The flip side is that advertising overactivity might also be a sign of impending doom before a plan is about to collapse. So timing again is important in this factor.

Investor confidence: With or without the above factors, a good product will always spread through happy clients. Promoters and cheerleaders can only give it an initial push, but the length of a plan ultimately depends on their overall service. User reviews, posts in forums, facebook, etc are a good indicator of where a plan is headed.

Paying status: ALWAYS CHECK THE PAYING STATUS of a plan in popular monitors and forums. NEVER join a plan that is reporting mixed/selective payments. Some plans are experts at marketing and giving excuses for delayed payments. Never trust them, even if they have been legends in the past. Examples: PC and BB.

Well, I guess the above factors should help in analysis and choosing an HYIP.
The nature of the "industry" itself is very scammy and high risk, but for those with a high risk quotient, there is indeed a decent bit of money to be made without as much hard work involved. Each of the above factors have a different weightage based on the type of plan being analysed.

Diversification is also a good thing, but not for the heck of it.
I see many people putting money in several plans just because someone told them to diversify.
It's better to go with 2-3 well-researched plans based on the above factors rather than many.
Refer only people who understand the HYIP industry, do not involve friends and family unless they are well aware of this segment.
Referrals can be gotten on forums and social media groups where HYIP enthusiasts gather and are looking for a good deal.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision.
Good luck! Posted Image
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