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Investment Procedure Recommended

Let's imagine you find a program you like - You find it in a hyip blog, in a monitor or another forum.

First, you will start doing some basic due diligence, you will read this thread to help you :

You have not a lot of experience about hyips, you would like to have opinions from other members. In the other side, you hesitate to post it as perhaps it could be a fast scam. Perhaps it could be a good opportunity as well.
If you could post it without giving the name of the program, at least you will not have to worry. You put the maximum info you have about the program but you don't give the program name.
Well, I thought about such case and I had the idea to create a specific folder. Some simple rules, you put any info you want EXCEPT the program name. Read below to have more info :

This section if used more often could be an excellent tool to improve our skills together. After reading some articles and some theory, here you can have opinions about programs which are going to be launched soon or are already live.

You are in a program and you feel something is getting unusual in the program, you go to the red flags alert section. At the top of the folder, you can see a list of possible red flags. You can identify identical red flag(s) in your program. Why not alerting my friends in the forum about a pending scam ? You submit a red flag alert in the matching thread. Then we approve you alert.
Read below for more info :