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HyipMania’S Hyip Guide For Newbies

Hyip Mania’s Hyip Guide For Newbies

*Golden Rules For Online Investing

1. Never invest more than you can't afford to lose.
2. Never invest all your capital in a single project.Divide it in 5-6 programs depending upon the reputation of the program.
3. Never reinvest all your profit in the new coming project.Cashout 70% of your profit and reinvest the remaining 30% in only reputed new coming projects.
4.The higher the return on investment (ROI), the more likely for the program to be a scam and if it is not a scam, then there is a high possibility that it will not last long.
5. Last but not the least, keep control over the greed.Don't let the greed to take control over you.

*Other Rules

1.Don’t Compound,even if you are in profit.
2.Investing in short term and hourly HYIPs is a pure gambling.

*What is 'Money Management' in HYIP Industry?

Say you want to risk $ 1000 in HYIP's , then never invest more than 7%-10% of your $ 1000 in any program.
Instead of investing in all the new coming programs, always wait for the best opportunity to come.Don't invest in a program even if you have 1% doubt.Overcome your greed.

*What to do before investing in a HYIP?

Invest in a Program only after checking the current status of the Program in
www.allmonitors.net & http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/

After checking the current status in Monitors, it is also necessary to check Forums and to see what others are saying about the program. Don’t trust only monitors because many monitors are paid by HYIP admins to keep their program in the paying status.

*Why December is called Black In HYIP Industry?

Don't rush to Invest In HYIP's In The Month Of December Because Many HYIP’s Collapses In This Month. Its better to wait till February.

*Why it is much difficult to Analyze a HYIP in 2013?

In 2010-2011 it was quite easy to analyze a hyip. But now it has become quite difficult. HYIP admins have become very clever and they presents quick scams also very professionally. But it does not mean that there are not good admins...There are....and we can make profit with their program....

*Why you should not go for every new HYIP?

If you will go for every new HYIP in the market you will surely loss everything.But if you can control your greed and go for only selected ones then you will surely succeed.Don't depend on hyip for main source of income, its just a game...Never invest more than 7-10 % of your total risk capital in any hyip , no matter how trusted the HYIP is....

*When a HYIP is near its Collapse , what are the few things which always remains the same?

1. Selective Payouts [They pay to the majority of small investors and hold big investors]
2. Admin becomes over active.
3. Launch of new short term plan.
4. They start processing payments quite fast OR They completely slow down the payments.

There are many more things to notice but these 4 points are the most important.

*What are the Tricks which are played by the HYIP Admins to Fool Investors?

When they issued a Newsletter like....

“We have reached ...…Active Deposits with…. Active investors with …. “

It means: We are so popular people, come here...

Open your eyes.

Do NOT trust at all what you hear or read from admin. It is just to fool you.

If a program claims to return after a big DDOS attack....That’s nothing but a trick of admin to fool you. Even if the admin is true there is no need to invest an amount which you can't afford to lose in a single program....

*What Are Cheap HYIP's?

HYIP’s with-

1. Cheap website design with an Unusual Color.
2. Fake Statistics.
3. Impossible ROI.[ Return On Investment]
4. Copy Paste cheap Text.
5. Picture of a Guy, Car, House Or Girl showing Dollars $$$$...

Please Don't Think That The HYIP's Which Don't Have The Above Signs Will Be Genuine. Its Not That.....Any Thing Can Happen In The HYIP World......But These Are The Main Signs.

*How Do Investors Help HYIP Admins?

Don't give a much specify reason about a program when you are denying it as it helps the HYIP admins to be more cautious next time when they come with a quick scam....HYIP admins are every where and they are reading your posts and you are the one who helping them to improve and to fool you next time....No need to give a much specify reason when you are denying a program....

Never discuss your strategies about a program openly in forums. This way you are helping the admin of the HYIP. The admin will scam it before your strategy will get fulfilled. These are the small things which I have learnt in these 5 years. Hope it will help you too and you will also able to make money online.

*Is It Safe To Send Personal Documents To HYIP Admins? [By Member Siwi]

Think long and hard before handing over any of your personal documents to any Hyip Admin. No matter what the admin says, his excuses or justifications for it, remember he has an agenda and your security and well-being is the last thing on his/her mind.
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