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How does Refback works?

For newbies, ref back can be good as it gives you back a part of capital you invested.
I used them when I was a newbie, now I take fully the risk and don't ask for ref back. I choose a supportive sponsor (yes some don't care about you) and let him the ref commission.
As a note, your sponsor is your referrer.

You can get a ref back from :
  • Paid Monitors - Check allmonitors.net or allhyipmonitors for the hyip, you will find many monitors which display their ref back rate (I suggest to go in details because they display their best rate, it can vary depending on the amount you invested).
In most cases, paid monitors will not care about you if you have problems with a hyip.
You have a relation with the paid monitor, very quiet I can say (don't ask for help of course).
You will not find the highest ref back in same paid monitor, it depends on the contract between hyip admin and paid monitor.
  • Hyip Blogs - Usually less interesting ref back rates BUT (yes a big BUT) some hyips blogs will do their BEST to support your problems with the admin directly. I know many cases of problems solved successfully with help of the blogger
It's better to take the ref back. With experience, I have another approach. My principles tell me I prefer supporting a good friend, a good hyip blog who I can ask anything for help rather than filling paid monitors pockets. That's my opinion after many years in this industry.
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