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Do You Invest Blindly In Hyips From Known Experienced Investors ?

Well, I would like we talk about an important topic for me right now.

We tend, as it is human nature, to follow people who have more experience than us. We think that they can be good for us, sometimes I think we trust them too blindly.

Perhaps some investors will be amazed here but even very experienced investors can make big mistakes in hyip industry. More and more people know really what involve hyips - That's really a good think thanks to blogs like Frank -
Hyip admins know that and they adapt their strategies. What was good criterias in old hyip days can be wrong today or in the following months. Experienced investors have so to follow the new trends if they don't want to get more fast scams in their portfolio.
It's a difficult task I can tell you. It takes much efforts to get updated and time we don't have enough (for those who are participating partly in hyips).

Personnaly, I'm learning everyday, I try to adapt to new trends but like a newbie, I can get caught by a fast scam. If you read my profile, you will see that I insist that any investor has to develop their own feelings : Read many reviews, ask questions, try to build an opinion and if you "feel" the hyip, only invest and it's important, TAKE the responsability of your choice!