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Conquering Our Own Demons

Conquering Our Own Demons

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" is an old quote by Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander explorer (1919- 2008). After years of dreaming and seven weeks of climbing he and Nepalese Tenzing Norgay reached the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world on May 29, 1953. They were the first people to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Personally I think Sir Edmund Hillary was not an ordinary man, amidst all the physical, mental and emotional hardships of climbing the highest mountain in the world, he knew that there was "another mountain" which is much higher and much more difficult to conquer - that is conquering our own selves. I hope we fully know and understand what he was talking about. Conquering what is outside of ourselves, which is external, is much easier compared to conquering what is within ourselves, which is internal.

Different people have different kind of demons within them. Some struggle with food, drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, etc but most of us who are involved in HYIPs we have a different set of demons.

1. The love for easy money.
Why do newbies lose so much money in HYIPs? Who is to blame? Before blaming anyone, know and realize this, long before we got scammed by any admin in the HYIP world, we have been scammed first of all by our worst enemy which are the demons within us. So the love for easy money is our greatest downfall. Enjoy the thrill of making easy money but never throw our "common sense" out of the window.

2. The fantasy of a leisure life without work.
Fantasy is something unrealistic. Rich or poor, almost all of us are guilty for having the fantasy of living a life without work. The word "work" make us feel tired even before we lift up a finger to do actual work. We fantasize about how good life will be without jobs or bosses we hate. We fantasize to be able to retire young with a lot of income coming from our investments in HYIP. We need to shake off this fantasy demon from our heads and minds!

3. Conquering ourselves from HYIP addiction.
It is very easy to tell if someone is addicted to HYIPs. If we become rude, impatient, grumpy, bad mood, angry, easily agitated towards our immediate family members and creatures around us (pets, dogs, cats) than we know we are having HYIP addiction. We are no more loving, caring and gentle towards other people around us in the real world since the fire and thrill of HYIP have consumed us. Scams after scams change us into a different person. All the demons from HYIP world follow us to the real world and attack our existence. Conquer this demon too!

4. Conquering other irresponsible behaviors
* Greed is the insatiable desire for more and more. It is a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (like money) than what is needed.
* Cursing is an invocation for harm or injury to come upon another. We are living in a world filled with criminals, of course we are sad and angry when someone scams us, but again hyip is not for the faint hearted person. We have to be able to accept the nature of this criminal world by not so easily handing our money to them, so we save ourselves from unnecessarily cursing.
* There are so many other irresponsible behaviour that cannot be mentioned one by one here but we know what they are.

Hopefully by being able to conquer our own demons, we are able to avoid all those elements that hinder us from greater success. May achievement and victory color our days from now on, 2013 and beyond.