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Are You Investing In Fasts ?

Many people invest in fasts when they start as a newbie because of the possibility to get a quick profit in a very short time. Some people use them to "build" their account too in the beginning then investing into less risky investments.
We will name a fast a very short term hyip which have plans like 105% after 1 day (the standard in fasts) i.e if you invest for example $100 today in a 1 day plan, you earn $105 the following day.
Newbies got caught by the very high profit and lost a lot of money.
We will not talk about hourly plans hyip as there is no sense in investing in them (some last only hours).

Tell us if you invest or intend to invest in fasts. What are your criterias to select those fasts? Are you very successfull with them? What are your strategies to ride them successfully?

Please do not mention any hyip name, you will get a warning if you do, just tell us your feelings and experience about fasts.

Personnally, I'm not a fast fan. I'm only investing in fasts I know the admin for reliable paying records. Sometimes, if hyip has very good promotion, I take a 1 day plan and run.
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Aug 30 2013 05:35 AM

i am a newbie in HYIP, just try a few fast HYIP, only just at the 2nd day, 4 scam from 11 FAst HYIP , not recommended, wasting money