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Adding a new program in your own hyip portfolio

I think the most important when selecting a new program to put in a portfolio is to find one which is different from the others you have in your portfolio :
  • For example, I don't recommend to have only piggy banks in your portfolio but you can have a few selected piggy banks
  • Not only short terms / mid terms / long terms - A mix of the three risk levels is better, I still think the ratio should be higher for long term programs. There are some good long term / lyips, have a look in the russian programs introduced by Sandwraith
  • If you know the admins, don't add a program from the same admin and also try to find the program of the admin he cares a lot - Clearly he has put lots of efforts in the beloved one and the first programs that will scam from the admin are those cheap ones ran by the admin
  • Don't invest in same plans. If a program proposes a 3% daily for 50 days, don't invest in another 3% daily
  • Don't invest in copycats
  • Don't invest in only plain hyips even if I know it's not easy currently to find some good ones - All NOT plain hyips introduced in the forum are good plus you can advertise your reflinks there
  • And so on

That means that there is not a standard portfolio. But it's always a pleasure to see members updating their own portfolio page in the forum. Indeed, this can help us to diversify our own portfolio as well.

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