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What is the most important way to generate Wealth?

Apr 22 2015 11:02 AM | luifer in Public HYIP articles

The Single Most Important Way to Generate Abundant Wealth

What is your answer to the question...

How do you think the majority of rich people got rich?

It’s not meant to be a trick question. But if you ask people off the street, they almost always get it wrong.

The correct answer is not only interesting. It can help you achieve your own wealth and success if you follow the cues.

But before I tell you what that correct answer is, it is helpful to understand the misconceptions that most people have...

Because hanging on to these “millionaire myths” can prevent you from attaining the success you desire.

Common Millionaire Myths

A clever marketer asked the simple question years ago:

“How do you think the average millionaire became a millionaire?”

Surprised at the initial results, he walked the streets and visited malls throughout the country and asked everyday working folks the same question.

The results were the same. And the number one response was predictable...

Most people thought that millionaires inherited their wealth.

Not so, says Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door.

In fact, in this 1996 best seller, he reported that less than one in five of all millionaires had inherited their wealth.

What’s remarkable is how that number has been shrinking ever since.

In a more recent survey taken by American Express Publishing and Harrison Group, the number had dwindled to less than one in 20.

Clearly, inheritance is no longer the primary way people become wealthy. The “nouveau riche” have all earned their wealth.

So how have the “new rich” become millionaires?

Stock market? Real Estate? Gold? A lucky weekend in Vegas?

Nope. None of these

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Using FREE money earned to invest in hyips

Jul 27 2014 05:56 AM | yallit in Public HYIP articles

Earnings from money games should not be a replacement of an actual job or offline business. There are some lucky ones of course who are really raking in some money but either they have a good number of referrals or they risked a few thousand $ in order...

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Adding a new program in your own hyip portfolio

Jul 26 2014 05:01 AM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

I think the most important when selecting a new program to put in a portfolio is to find one which is different from the others you have in your portfolio :For example, I don't recommend to have only piggy banks in your portfolio but you can have a fe...

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Investment Procedure Recommended

Dec 12 2013 05:23 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Let's imagine you find a program you like - You find it in a hyip blog, in a monitor or another forum. First, you will start doing some basic due diligence, you will read this thread to help you : http://www.privatehy...-this-template/ You have not a...

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Are You Investing In Fasts ?

Nov 01 2012 06:57 AM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Many people invest in fasts when they start as a newbie because of the possibility to get a quick profit in a very short time. Some people use them to "build" their account too in the beginning then investing into less risky investments. We will name a...

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The variants of short-term ( fast ) HYIP

Nov 01 2012 10:38 AM | Admin in Public HYIP articles

I consider there are mainly two variants of short-term ( fast ) HYIP :Brain new Short-TermsShort-terms that have been low-profile for a long time before suddenly getting out of the closet with lots of fire-works and a more-or-less heavy advertisement c...

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Do You Invest Blindly In Hyips From Known Exper...

Nov 10 2012 01:50 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Well, I would like we talk about an important topic for me right now. We tend, as it is human nature, to follow people who have more experience than us. We think that they can be good for us, sometimes I think we trust them too blindly. Perhaps some...

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How does Refback works?

Nov 10 2012 03:03 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

For newbies, ref back can be good as it gives you back a part of capital you invested. I used them when I was a newbie, now I take fully the risk and don't ask for ref back. I choose a supportive sponsor (yes some don't care about you) and let him the...

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Conquering Our Own Demons

Nov 29 2012 01:40 AM | hyipfever in Public HYIP articles

Conquering Our Own Demons "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" is an old quote by Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander explorer (1919- 2008). After years of dreaming and seven weeks of climbing he and Nepalese Tenzing Norgay reached the to...

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What You Can Do When An Hyip Has Just Scammed ?

Feb 24 2013 09:57 PM | cyberdigi in Public HYIP articles

I'm not sure this suggestion qualifies as a guide for newbies... but I'll suggest it anyway and hear your views. When after a hyip scam is confirmed, usually I will log back into the back office to change some information, such as:Personal information...

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Top Basic Rules Of A 6 Months Hyip Player In Ou...

May 10 2013 03:29 PM | private34 in Public HYIP articles

Since I have joined this forum I made quite a good impression to myself understanding how these programs generally work. This forum brought me skills fed me analytic wisdom and at the same time keeping being truthfully in a world of lies. In 6 Months...

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HyipMania’S Hyip Guide For Newbies

Mar 31 2013 05:17 AM | hyipmania in Public HYIP articles

Hyip Mania’s Hyip Guide For Newbies *Golden Rules For Online Investing 1. Never invest more than you can't afford to lose. 2. Never invest all your capital in a single project.Divide it in 5-6 programs depending upon the reputation of the program. 3...

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Liberty's Factors While Choosing An Online...

Mar 01 2013 06:38 PM | Liberty in Public HYIP articles

Liberty's Factors While Choosing An Online Investment Plan Hi guys, In my mind any plan [ad-based, product-based, investment-based, MLM] that uses e-currencies should be considered an HYIP. I think one should not compare it with offline product-base...

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Why it's easier to make money with hyips co...

May 22 2013 05:10 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Hyips are the most easiest ways to make some extra bucks, perfectly adapted to those who have a job offline. Sure that some other business offer better profits BUT :They need lots of hard work in the beginningYou have to devote to your business everyda...

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Searching for new passive income programs to in...

Aug 04 2013 12:06 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

There are many different ways to search for new passive income programs to invest. 1) Hyip programs Most of new hyip programs which open are listed in the GoldPoll monitor which is the most famous hyip monitor. http://www.goldpoll.net/ You can also...

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START your hyip journey here - Welcome!

Jul 28 2013 10:08 AM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Hello visitor or member, You came to our forum to learn how to make some money with Passive Income Programs? Passive Income Programs are surely one of the easiest way to make money online. It doesn't need lots of work so it's well adapted to busy peo...

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Please Read First Before Depositing Money - How...

Dec 11 2012 05:25 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

I'm creating this topic as I've just seen an investor made a deposit in a NON PAYING hyip. Before doing the deposit process in any hyip you are interested, it's very important to check if hyip is still paying. And the status can change very quickly wi...

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