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What is the most important way to generate Wealth?

Apr 22 2015 11:02 AM | luifer in Public HYIP articles

The Single Most Important Way to Generate Abundant Wealth

What is your answer to the question...

How do you think the majority of rich people got rich?

It’s not meant to be a trick question. But if you ask people off the street, they almost always get it wrong.

The correct answer is not only interesting. It can help you achieve your own wealth and success if you follow the cues.

But before I tell you what that correct answer is, it is helpful to understand the misconceptions that most people have...

Because hanging on to these “millionaire myths” can prevent you from attaining the success you desire.

Common Millionaire Myths

A clever marketer asked the simple question years ago:

“How do you think the average millionaire became a millionaire?”

Surprised at the initial results, he walked the streets and visited malls throughout the country and asked everyday working folks the same question.

The results were the same. And the number one response was predictable...

Most people thought that millionaires inherited their wealth.

Not so, says Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door.

In fact, in this 1996 best seller, he reported that less than one in five of all millionaires had inherited their wealth.

What’s remarkable is how that number has been shrinking ever since.

In a more recent survey taken by American Express Publishing and Harrison Group, the number had dwindled to less than one in 20.

Clearly, inheritance is no longer the primary way people become wealthy. The “nouveau riche” have all earned their wealth.

So how have the “new rich” become millionaires?

Stock market? Real Estate? Gold? A lucky weekend in Vegas?

Nope. None of these

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Using FREE money earned to invest in hyips

Jul 27 2014 05:56 AM | yallit in Public HYIP articles

Earnings from money games should not be a replacement of an actual job or offline business. There are some lucky ones of course who are really raking in some money but either they have a good number of referrals or they risked a few thousand $ in order to actually earn a substantial amount that's enough for them to quit their jobs.

However, what I'm suggesting is to join sites where you can earn free money without putting in any and then use that said money for higher-earning programs. One good example is PHF. Members are rewarded for actively participating here. The monthly payout reward you will get can be used to join a good money game program.

Another thing that one can try would be PTC sites. You can either cashout the measly amount you'll get from there and use it on programs where they accept $1 deposits or you can use your earnings from that PTC to advertise a better program and get referrals. Some of my refs in PV came from a PTC site wherein I only used the earnings I got from clicking and renting refs to purchase their PTSU. Those refs, helped me reach the first 2 ref milestones at PV. They may have not contributed much to the purchase requirement but they were instrumental for me to reach the required number of refs and clicks to reach those milestones.

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Adding a new program in your own hyip portfolio

Jul 26 2014 05:01 AM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

I think the most important when selecting a new program to put in a portfolio is to find one which is different from the others you have in your portfolio :
  • For example, I don't recommend to have only piggy banks in your portfolio but you can have a few selected piggy banks
  • Not only short terms / mid terms / long terms - A mix of the three risk levels is better, I still think the ratio should be higher for long term programs. There are some good long term / lyips, have a look in the russian programs introduced by Sandwraith
  • If you know the admins, don't add a program from the same admin and also try to find the program of the admin he cares a lot - Clearly he has put lots of efforts in the beloved one and the first programs that will scam from the admin are those cheap ones ran by the admin
  • Don't invest in same plans. If a program proposes a 3% daily for 50 days, don't invest in another 3% daily
  • Don't invest in copycats
  • Don't invest in only plain hyips even if I know it's not easy currently to find some good ones - All NOT plain hyips introduced in the forum are good plus you can advertise your reflinks there
  • And so on

That means that there is not a standard portfolio. But it's always a pleasure to see members updating their own portfolio page in the forum. Indeed, this can help us to diversify our own portfolio as well.

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Are You Investing In Fasts ?

Nov 01 2012 06:57 AM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Many people invest in fasts when they start as a newbie because of the possibility to get a quick profit in a very short time. Some people use them to "build" their account too in the beginning then investing into less risky investments.
We will name a fast a very short term hyip which have plans like 105% after 1 day (the standard in fasts) i.e if you invest for example $100 today in a 1 day plan, you earn $105 the following day.
Newbies got caught by the very high profit and lost a lot of money.
We will not talk about hourly plans hyip as there is no sense in investing in them (some last only hours).

Tell us if you invest or intend to invest in fasts. What are your criterias to select those fasts? Are you very successfull with them? What are your strategies to ride them successfully?

Please do not mention any hyip name, you will get a warning if you do, just tell us your feelings and experience about fasts.

Personnally, I'm not a fast fan. I'm only investing in fasts I know the admin for reliable paying records. Sometimes, if hyip has very good promotion, I take a 1 day plan and run.

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The variants of short-term ( fast ) HYIP

Nov 01 2012 10:38 AM | Admin in Public HYIP articles

I consider there are mainly two variants of short-term ( fast ) HYIP :
  • Brain new Short-Terms
  • Short-terms that have been low-profile for a long time before suddenly getting out of the closet with lots of fire-works and a more-or-less heavy advertisement campaign.
While I seldom choose these investments, one thing I do with all short-terms is getting out in and out as quick as I can. I don't like to complete more than 2 cycles. You see I'm more on the conservative side. I prefer to pocket a small profit than risk the big call.

With that said, I've been more successful with the second category, as long as I invested as soon as they launch their advertisement campaign.

I join brain new short-terms when I see a big popular wave and wide positive response from investors accross the network. I don't risk my money in low-profile short-terms, as I consider it's more risky. That pretty much gives you the picture for me .

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Do You Invest Blindly In Hyips From Known Exper...

Nov 10 2012 01:50 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Well, I would like we talk about an important topic for me right now.

We tend, as it is human nature, to follow people who have more experience than us. We think that they can be good for us, sometimes I think we trust them too blindly.

Perhaps some investors will be amazed here but even very experienced investors can make big mistakes in hyip industry. More and more people know really what involve hyips - That's really a good think thanks to blogs like Frank -
Hyip admins know that and they adapt their strategies. What was good criterias in old hyip days can be wrong today or in the following months. Experienced investors have so to follow the new trends if they don't want to get more fast scams in their portfolio.
It's a difficult task I can tell you. It takes much efforts to get updated and time we don't have enough (for those who are participating partly in hyips).

Personnaly, I'm learning everyday, I try to adapt to new trends but like a newbie, I can get caught by a fast scam. If you read my profile, you will see that I insist that any investor has to develop their own feelings : Read many reviews, ask questions, try to build an opinion and if you "feel" the hyip, only invest and it's important, TAKE the responsability of your choice!

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How does Refback works?

Nov 10 2012 03:03 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

For newbies, ref back can be good as it gives you back a part of capital you invested.
I used them when I was a newbie, now I take fully the risk and don't ask for ref back. I choose a supportive sponsor (yes some don't care about you) and let him the ref commission.
As a note, your sponsor is your referrer.

You can get a ref back from :
  • Paid Monitors - Check allmonitors.net or allhyipmonitors for the hyip, you will find many monitors which display their ref back rate (I suggest to go in details because they display their best rate, it can vary depending on the amount you invested).
In most cases, paid monitors will not care about you if you have problems with a hyip.
You have a relation with the paid monitor, very quiet I can say (don't ask for help of course).
You will not find the highest ref back in same paid monitor, it depends on the contract between hyip admin and paid monitor.
  • Hyip Blogs - Usually less interesting ref back rates BUT (yes a big BUT) some hyips blogs will do their BEST to support your problems with the admin directly. I know many cases of problems solved successfully with help of the blogger
It's better to take the ref back. With experience, I have another approach. My principles tell me I prefer supporting a good friend, a good hyip blog who I can ask anything for help rather than filling paid monitors pockets. That's my opinion after many years in this industry.

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Conquering Our Own Demons

Nov 29 2012 01:40 AM | hyipfever in Public HYIP articles

Conquering Our Own Demons

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" is an old quote by Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander explorer (1919- 2008). After years of dreaming and seven weeks of climbing he and Nepalese Tenzing Norgay reached the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world on May 29, 1953. They were the first people to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Personally I think Sir Edmund Hillary was not an ordinary man, amidst all the physical, mental and emotional hardships of climbing the highest mountain in the world, he knew that there was "another mountain" which is much higher and much more difficult to conquer - that is conquering our own selves. I hope we fully know and understand what he was talking about. Conquering what is outside of ourselves, which is external, is much easier compared to conquering what is within ourselves, which is internal.

Different people have different kind of demons within them. Some struggle with food, drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, etc but most of us who are involved in HYIPs we have a different set of demons.

1. The love for easy money.
Why do newbies lose so much money in HYIPs? Who is to blame? Before blaming anyone, know and realize this, long before we got scammed by any admin in the HYIP world, we have been scammed first of all by our worst enemy which are the demons within us. So the love for easy money is our greatest downfall. Enjoy the thrill of making easy money but never throw our "common sense" out of the window.

2. The fantasy of a leisure life without work.
Fantasy is something unrealistic. Rich or poor, almost all of us are guilty for having the fantasy of living a life without work. The word "work" make us feel tired even before we lift up a finger to do actual work. We fantasize about how good life will be without jobs or bosses we hate. We fantasize to be able to retire young with a lot of income coming from our investments in HYIP. We need to shake off this fantasy demon from our heads and minds!

3. Conquering ourselves from HYIP addiction.
It is very easy to tell if someone is addicted to HYIPs. If we become rude, impatient, grumpy, bad mood, angry, easily agitated towards our immediate family members and creatures around us (pets, dogs, cats) than we know we are having HYIP addiction. We are no more loving, caring and gentle towards other people around us in the real world since the fire and thrill of HYIP have consumed us. Scams after scams change us into a different person. All the demons from HYIP world follow us to the real world and attack our existence. Conquer this demon too!

4. Conquering other irresponsible behaviors
* Greed is the insatiable desire for more and more. It is a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (like money) than what is needed.
* Cursing is an invocation for harm or injury to come upon another. We are living in a world filled with criminals, of course we are sad and angry when someone scams us, but again hyip is not for the faint hearted person. We have to be able to accept the nature of this criminal world by not so easily handing our money to them, so we save ourselves from unnecessarily cursing.
* There are so many other irresponsible behaviour that cannot be mentioned one by one here but we know what they are.

Hopefully by being able to conquer our own demons, we are able to avoid all those elements that hinder us from greater success. May achievement and victory color our days from now on, 2013 and beyond.

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What You Can Do When An Hyip Has Just Scammed ?

Feb 24 2013 09:57 PM | cyberdigi in Public HYIP articles

I'm not sure this suggestion qualifies as a guide for newbies... but I'll suggest it anyway and hear your views.

When after a hyip scam is confirmed, usually I will log back into the back office to change some information, such as:
  • Personal information such as email address. This is because hyip admins are known to sell email databases and I've received a fair share of spam emails invitation to many junk hyip programs. I usually change to a unused email address specifically setup for such purposes.
  • Payment processor information - I'll blank those away if I'm allowed to change it, to protect privacy.

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Top Basic Rules Of A 6 Months Hyip Player In Ou...

May 10 2013 03:29 PM | private34 in Public HYIP articles

Since I have joined this forum I made quite a good impression to myself understanding how these programs generally work.
This forum brought me skills fed me analytic wisdom and at the same time keeping being truthfully in a world of lies.

In 6 Months I have learned the most basic rules that if you dont use them you will be loosing for sure playing with the programs.
And they are:

1st and most crucial : NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGS IN ONE BASKET ( Spent only what you can afford to loose)

2nd : Do not invest more than 10% on a single program.

3rd : Only join programs in the beginning and after an extensive research, analytic, and with feeling, and very very important most of all: pay very attention to what people say about this admin previous programs, don't even bother to join programs of unknown admins.

4rd: Spread your capital in 10 different researched analysed programs, take at leat one week to study each program behavior.

5th: Take at least 2 hours a day to be updated with all your investments info, forums , research, PHF, MMG, talkgodl etc, , and if you take 4 , do 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

6th : If you get scammed , let it go dont go down , keep your head up you there are still other programs giving you earnings.

7th: Send always a ticket or email to the website before joining to get your feeling about the admin.
Do not invest in short high programs with basic scripts as you see in other programs,pay attention to the faqs and to what they write in the website,

8th : Never never but never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!! read it and think that its the same as someone is inventing something by email in order to get your attention or to make you feel vulnerable and accept the way.
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!
never ever thrust a word of an admin, NEVER!!!

9th : Do not compound, this has to do with greed, but to be in a safe zone, take this rule and always apply and you will be safer for sure! withdraw every day you can!

10th : be always you , no matter what, be always you and don't let yourself be changed in the name of greed! be inner with yourself! it will help you in life!

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HyipMania’S Hyip Guide For Newbies

Mar 31 2013 05:17 AM | hyipmania in Public HYIP articles

Hyip Mania’s Hyip Guide For Newbies

*Golden Rules For Online Investing

1. Never invest more than you can't afford to lose.
2. Never invest all your capital in a single project.Divide it in 5-6 programs depending upon the reputation of the program.
3. Never reinvest all your profit in the new coming project.Cashout 70% of your profit and reinvest the remaining 30% in only reputed new coming projects.
4.The higher the return on investment (ROI), the more likely for the program to be a scam and if it is not a scam, then there is a high possibility that it will not last long.
5. Last but not the least, keep control over the greed.Don't let the greed to take control over you.

*Other Rules

1.Don’t Compound,even if you are in profit.
2.Investing in short term and hourly HYIPs is a pure gambling.

*What is 'Money Management' in HYIP Industry?

Say you want to risk $ 1000 in HYIP's , then never invest more than 7%-10% of your $ 1000 in any program.
Instead of investing in all the new coming programs, always wait for the best opportunity to come.Don't invest in a program even if you have 1% doubt.Overcome your greed.

*What to do before investing in a HYIP?

Invest in a Program only after checking the current status of the Program in
www.allmonitors.net & http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/

After checking the current status in Monitors, it is also necessary to check Forums and to see what others are saying about the program. Don’t trust only monitors because many monitors are paid by HYIP admins to keep their program in the paying status.

*Why December is called Black In HYIP Industry?

Don't rush to Invest In HYIP's In The Month Of December Because Many HYIP’s Collapses In This Month. Its better to wait till February.

*Why it is much difficult to Analyze a HYIP in 2013?

In 2010-2011 it was quite easy to analyze a hyip. But now it has become quite difficult. HYIP admins have become very clever and they presents quick scams also very professionally. But it does not mean that there are not good admins...There are....and we can make profit with their program....

*Why you should not go for every new HYIP?

If you will go for every new HYIP in the market you will surely loss everything.But if you can control your greed and go for only selected ones then you will surely succeed.Don't depend on hyip for main source of income, its just a game...Never invest more than 7-10 % of your total risk capital in any hyip , no matter how trusted the HYIP is....

*When a HYIP is near its Collapse , what are the few things which always remains the same?

1. Selective Payouts [They pay to the majority of small investors and hold big investors]
2. Admin becomes over active.
3. Launch of new short term plan.
4. They start processing payments quite fast OR They completely slow down the payments.

There are many more things to notice but these 4 points are the most important.

*What are the Tricks which are played by the HYIP Admins to Fool Investors?

When they issued a Newsletter like....

“We have reached ...…Active Deposits with…. Active investors with …. “

It means: We are so popular people, come here...

Open your eyes.

Do NOT trust at all what you hear or read from admin. It is just to fool you.

If a program claims to return after a big DDOS attack....That’s nothing but a trick of admin to fool you. Even if the admin is true there is no need to invest an amount which you can't afford to lose in a single program....

*What Are Cheap HYIP's?

HYIP’s with-

1. Cheap website design with an Unusual Color.
2. Fake Statistics.
3. Impossible ROI.[ Return On Investment]
4. Copy Paste cheap Text.
5. Picture of a Guy, Car, House Or Girl showing Dollars $$$$...

Please Don't Think That The HYIP's Which Don't Have The Above Signs Will Be Genuine. Its Not That.....Any Thing Can Happen In The HYIP World......But These Are The Main Signs.

*How Do Investors Help HYIP Admins?

Don't give a much specify reason about a program when you are denying it as it helps the HYIP admins to be more cautious next time when they come with a quick scam....HYIP admins are every where and they are reading your posts and you are the one who helping them to improve and to fool you next time....No need to give a much specify reason when you are denying a program....

Never discuss your strategies about a program openly in forums. This way you are helping the admin of the HYIP. The admin will scam it before your strategy will get fulfilled. These are the small things which I have learnt in these 5 years. Hope it will help you too and you will also able to make money online.

*Is It Safe To Send Personal Documents To HYIP Admins? [By Member Siwi]

Think long and hard before handing over any of your personal documents to any Hyip Admin. No matter what the admin says, his excuses or justifications for it, remember he has an agenda and your security and well-being is the last thing on his/her mind.

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Liberty's Factors While Choosing An Online...

Mar 01 2013 06:38 PM | Liberty in Public HYIP articles

Liberty's Factors While Choosing An Online Investment Plan

Hi guys,

In my mind any plan [ad-based, product-based, investment-based, MLM] that uses e-currencies should be considered an HYIP.
I think one should not compare it with offline product-based plans.
Treat it like a gamble and NEVER depend on it for a living.
I keep the following factors in mind while getting into HYIPs.

ROI: The higher the returns, the higher the risk. I tend to stay away from any plan that offers more than 3% a day.
Factors like principle returned or included also affect my choice.

Stability/sustainability: The lesser the returns, the longer is the sustainability of the plan.
Example: A plan that offers 300% overall return depends on 2 new members to pay out 1 old member - higher risk, shorter life
A plan that offers 150% overall return depends on 1 new member to pay out 2 old members - lower risk, longer life

Professional Admin/Support: Starting with the website design, original script, member interaction, social media, to live chat, company announcements, prompt payments and good communication language. These are all quite discernable. If an admin has paid attention and put in effort into these factors, it shows that they care and have long term plans.

Timing: For plans greater than 3% a day, get in in the first week only if you really wanna go for them.
Less than 3% a day plans with principle returns, get in within the first term. Re-invest based on performance.
Less than 3% a day plans without principle return, I'd expect to last for atleast 400 days.

Alexa rankings: Only for plans offering less than 2% a day. [More than 2% a day plans usually don't last long enough for Alexa to matter ]
It's always good to join a plan in the growth phase, or even during the initial stages of the stable graph phase.
Other factors here like countries involved, bounce%, reach% are good indicators.
I have noticed countries like Russia, Indonesia, India, USA and Pakistan are usually in the top 10 of all superhits - just an observation.
I like plans that grow over a period of time rather than just rocket into the top 10,000 in a matter of weeks. I noticed this happens in Russian admin sites as they seem to know the tricks of SEO and know the channels of promotion better than most others because of their experience.

Payment processors: LR, PM and EgoPay are the usual ones. Payza and STP enjoy more confidence in the investor community.
If the management has gone through the verification process of STP and specially Payza, they normally plan to stay for a while, or might even have some genuine business model to prove to the verifiers.

Advertising budgets: Plans that spend alot over time on all popular forums and monitors in ads also generally last longer. The flip side is that advertising overactivity might also be a sign of impending doom before a plan is about to collapse. So timing again is important in this factor.

Investor confidence: With or without the above factors, a good product will always spread through happy clients. Promoters and cheerleaders can only give it an initial push, but the length of a plan ultimately depends on their overall service. User reviews, posts in forums, facebook, etc are a good indicator of where a plan is headed.

Paying status: ALWAYS CHECK THE PAYING STATUS of a plan in popular monitors and forums. NEVER join a plan that is reporting mixed/selective payments. Some plans are experts at marketing and giving excuses for delayed payments. Never trust them, even if they have been legends in the past. Examples: PC and BB.

Well, I guess the above factors should help in analysis and choosing an HYIP.
The nature of the "industry" itself is very scammy and high risk, but for those with a high risk quotient, there is indeed a decent bit of money to be made without as much hard work involved. Each of the above factors have a different weightage based on the type of plan being analysed.

Diversification is also a good thing, but not for the heck of it.
I see many people putting money in several plans just because someone told them to diversify.
It's better to go with 2-3 well-researched plans based on the above factors rather than many.
Refer only people who understand the HYIP industry, do not involve friends and family unless they are well aware of this segment.
Referrals can be gotten on forums and social media groups where HYIP enthusiasts gather and are looking for a good deal.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision.
Good luck! Posted Image

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Why it's easier to make money with hyips co...

May 22 2013 05:10 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Hyips are the most easiest ways to make some extra bucks, perfectly adapted to those who have a job offline.
Sure that some other business offer better profits BUT :
  • They need lots of hard work in the beginning
  • You have to devote to your business everyday and consistently. You will earn cents if you are not dedicated!
  • Results comes low. At the beginning, as compared to your involved work, you don't make a lot of money, you need to build lists of subscribers which takes a long time (particularly in MLM)
  • You have to recruit, sell services / products to people. MOST people don't know how to write good salesletters and to recruit efficiently. In hyips, you are not forced to recruit anyone!
Well, within many years, you will surely get a nice monthly income if you do your own business. Problem is most people get frustrated by the hard work involved everyday with very few results for some time in the beginning. The "Get Rich quick" schema which is highly promoted in network marketing but in fact those who make decent income have huge list of subscribers and forget to tell you they took years to build this list. I personnally was not a good recruiter yet writing my own salesletters. Just got a few clicks. I think I should have worked more but it was impossible to combine with my job. Also I was not ready to quit my job so quickly.

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Searching for new passive income programs to in...

Aug 04 2013 12:06 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

There are many different ways to search for new passive income programs to invest.

1) Hyip programs

Most of new hyip programs which open are listed in the GoldPoll monitor which is the most famous hyip monitor.

You can also search for the latest additions using the link below :

Also the popular forums, Talkgold, MoneyMakerGroup and DreamTeamMoney are filled everyday with new additions.

You will see quickly that for a newbie, it can be a nightmare to sort out all those many hyips which open everyday.

So if you don't have a lot of time to review hyips in those sites, you can subscribe to some popular hyip blogs, some have RSS / mail subscription so you know quickly when a new hyip opened.
I highly recommend to be selective in your hyip blogs choices as many promotes fast scams. Sadly, they are looking only for a referral commission or they made a deal with the hyip admin. It's possible that a hyip blogger promote a deliberate fast scam (he knows this is a fast scam) but the hyip admin give him some free money.

How to select your hyip blogs? That's simple, monitor them during a given period. Make some calculations to check that if you had invested at the same time as the hyip blogger, you would be in profit. Now, you have to do your analysis with a range of different hyips. It's really difficult, even a very experienced investor (more than 10 years in the industry for example) to be in profit in ALL hyips. On the contrary, if ALL programs promoted by the hyip blogger are fast scams then I advice you to forget about it.
Little by little, you will build your own "trusted" lists to find a decent hyip. It can take years to build, sometimes I delete some, sometimes I add some lists. Each of us has their own vision of a "trusted" list so I will not give you any particular hyip blog to search for decent hyips.
A particular case of monitor is MoneyNewsOnline (MNO) which accepts any hyips (good hyips as well as bad hyips).

Even if you have a list of "trusted" hyip blogs, I highly recommend you to do your own due diligence for each hyip you would like to invest. Read this article for more info (only available for known members who introduce to our community) :

2) Hybrid Programs and PTA programs

All Hybrid Programs and PTA programs can be found usually in the most popular forums (Talkgold, MoneyMakerGroup and DreamTeamMoney) in their dedicated section.

Like hyips, you will find some decent blogs promoting them. Like hyips, monitor those blogs and act accordingly.

At the end, your will follow your own feelings about the program to decide if you want to invest or not.

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START your hyip journey here - Welcome!

Jul 28 2013 10:08 AM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

Hello visitor or member,

You came to our forum to learn how to make some money with Passive Income Programs?

Passive Income Programs are surely one of the easiest way to make money online. It doesn't need lots of work so it's well adapted to busy people (students who need some extra money, people who want to improve a little their daily life, people who have a job offline but want to make some extra money).

BUT you have to be aware that there is no guarantee to make money in those programs. They are very risky so only experience and learning will help you to make money. They can be best compared to Casinos yet with better chances to win with the experience you will acquire.

To have the best chances to win the game, you need a good forum. The problem is most forums in this industry are useless and frustrating for newbies. They don't tell you the TRUTH.

Well, at least you found an honest place. So be ready to read ALL the truth about this tough but exciting industry.

Our community is family oriented so you are expected to keep calm when posting. Read our rules carefully if not done, you will avoid being banned :

We strongly advice you to take the time to learn about the basics of this industry. Investing right now real money in hyips would be like donating money to anyone!
Follow this educating post starting from step 1. All links are opened in a new window so when you have finished reading, you can close the window to go back to the main post.


Don't forget to introduce you to our community if not done as it's crucial you start discussing with experienced investors.

All quick updates and news in our forum are written below so read them as regularly as possible not to miss important new features for example :

If you accepted to receive emails from us then you can receive some newsletters but we will not spam your mailbox unnecessary, only if there are important information to communicate to our community.

The administrators and the moderators wish you good luck in your investments :D


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Please Read First Before Depositing Money - How...

Dec 11 2012 05:25 PM | Colaro in Public HYIP articles

I'm creating this topic as I've just seen an investor made a deposit in a NON PAYING hyip.

Before doing the deposit process in any hyip you are interested, it's very important to check if hyip is still paying. And the status can change very quickly within 1 day. If you see an hyip which was still in paying status yesterday, that does not mean necessary that it will be paying if you invest today.

Two important links to add in your favorites, enter the website domain of your hyip and check status on multiple monitors :You should see a global PAYING Status. If PROBLEM wait if they go back to PAYING.

This first part give you an overall status, don't stop at that.

Look at :
1) Payment reports from regular investors ======> Middle chat box of hyipchat.com
If not find a paying status in 1)

2) Look at this forum and the popular forums Talkgold, MoneyMakerGroup and DreamTeamMoney : look for REGULAR investors (those you know well here for example), not status of paid monitors which is worse or what we call "paid posters" (People who are paid by hyip admins to post fake status).

Here are the links of the TOP 3 more popular hyips forums
Talkgold (TG) : http://www.talkgold.com/forum/
MoneyMakerGroup (MMG) : http://www.moneymake...com/forums.html
DreamTeamMoney (DTM) : http://www.dreamteammoney.com/

P.S : A trick to go directly to the HYIP thread in one of the popular forums. Go to google and make a search like "HyipDomain talkgold" or "HyipDomain moneymakergroup" or "HyipDomain dreamteammoney". Examples of hyipDomain : sol-r.org, visitad.com, ad-solid.com, v-finance.net,...

3) You can ask too for a confirmation of paying status in the forum or in hyipchat.com

Remark : You appreciate to see paying reports of private investors you know ? As a private investor, you can contribute too to help having an accurate hyip status by posting as regularly as possible your payout reports in popular forums (TG, MMG and DTM) and hyipchat.

To be continued...

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