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#5668 How This Forum Has Helped Me...

Posted by riverofgold007 on 04 March 2013 - 08:27 AM

I thank all of you who are a part of this forum. The following reasons are what make this community outstanding:

1) Staff are responsive to questions and willing to participate in members' concerns. Rules and regulations are enforced well to keep things running smoothly. Everyone has different personalities and sometimes we argue and fight but it's all in a healthy spirit.

2) Everyone is so willing to share information whether or not there is a monetary reward - cyberdigi, casper, martlink put up excel sheets so we can clearly see their investments without having to guess at the numbers and that takes time and energy and is very much appreciated. Liberty answers my questions about add wallet although s/he really didn't have to. Gummi shares his strategies and enthusiasm about new upcoming programs, and all of us jumping on the bandwagon with him, make this place exciting.

3) This is a secure place where everyone may ask questions without sounding stupid and also share their failures without humiliation (how we have been scammed and robbed of our hard earned money). Imagine us telling our spouse or friends, hey I lost $150 because of those bloody spam mails posing as Liberty Reserve... Watching their facial expressions alone would be hard to bear when we ourselves are already condemning ourselves for being so stupid. But here where everyone can emphasize we can share without expecting judgement and also help others not to make our stupid mistakes. This is a safe haven.

4) There are resources here to help with the tracking and calculation of investments done by Gummi, there are actual numbers and figures of investments done by heroes and brave members like hyiptoon, drave and hyip fever. They have stood at the front lines so we can be somewhat protected (we are like sheep and they are the shepherds who chase away the wolves). We will only follow when they tell us it is 'safe' - if there is such a thing as safety in this hyip world.

5) There is humor and entertainment with everybody's own sense of funniness - like Vis with his songs and monologues (angel and demon included). Posting jokes and quotes and such all help to lighten the mood and provide a little bit of reprieve from the stresses waiting for the next payout from nonstoppayments (which has, ironically, stopped). There is also drama when Colaro gets angry and vents his frustration in the forum. It is all very good fun.

I hope we will keep this up my friends, because coming to think of it we are all strangers, I have never seen you nor touched you but already I have come to rely on you. May we continue to grow, both in spirit and in number. Cheers everybody!
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#3718 2. Top 10 Mistakes People Make In The Hyip World

Posted by Colaro on 18 February 2013 - 07:15 PM

This is based on well over 10 years experience now, although most of the mistakes were made in the early months. I suspect I like many others am still tempted to go back to the old ways occasionally. Hopefully those who read this will take note of these mistakes and like me and others learn from those with experience in this arena.

Mistake 1: Spending too much too soon:
This is probably the biggest mistake I’ve made in HYIP land, and the one that taught me the most.

I’d been in HYIPs for around 9 months. Things were going strong, my confidence was growing and one of the programs had just paid out a very nice profit.

In my excitement I invest all of this profit into a single HYIP that I found in the top of one of the rating sites. It’s been rated in the top 3 for the last 6 months. Everyone was writing rave reviews about it. It looks and smells like a sure thing, so why waste time making a small spend?

Not even 7 days later and the warnings started to come. By that stage I could see my investment drifting away.

That investment had taken me over 4 months to earn. Within a few hours of receiving it I was able to give it away. That’s a pretty good effort eh.

The experience gave me a real good wakeup call. Up to that point I’d been putting large chunks of my investments into individual HYIPs.

That’s when I realized what people meant by “test spends”… ahhh. So you spend a little bit, and if they pay you, THEN you spend the rest. What a novel and practical idea.

After gaining more experience with HYIPs I realized that a single test spend isn’t enough. Some HYIPs will pay you for small spends, but when it comes to real (larger) spends you won’t see a cent of profit.

And you can’t rely on rating sites feedback because sometime they get better treatment from HYIP admins!

So now a days I spend a little at a time gradually building my active balance.

Mistake 2: Not testing the withdraw function:
Has this ever happened to you: you’ve invested in an attractive HYIP, your profit is growing day after day, everything is going nicely … until you decide to withdraw some of your profit.

Either the withdraw function doesn’t work at all, or your withdrawal is forever pending.

After I make my initial test spend with any HYIP I do a test withdrawal. I don’t invest any more funds until the withdrawal is successful.

Mistake 3: Focusing on individual programs instead of the overall plan
I think everyone (including myself) have their favourite HYIPs. Those HYIPs that pay us regularly and we feel comfortable with.

Maybe their web site colour is our favourite colour! Or they’ve worded things in a way that sings for us.

But every time I find myself focusing my spends on one particular HYIP I remember a piece of advice that I once got: “Focus on the overall plan and not on individual HYIPs”.

To me this is a fantastic philosophy for managing a HYIP portfolio.

When you think about it, putting our faith in one, two or three individual HYIPs doesn’t make any sense given the nature of these businesses.

So taking this philosophy I would much prefer to have 10 programs paying me $100 each to a total of $1000 than having 2 programs paying me $500 each.

It would be even better to have 30 programs paying a little bit each.

Obviously it’s a lot harder to find 10-30 solid programs instead of focusing on 2 beloved HYIPs. But to me focusing on the overall picture and building multiple income streams helps me sleep at night.

Mistake 4: Not getting your original spend back quickly:
I’m sure you’ve heard this a number of times before. Always get your seed money back as soon as possible.

Given the fact that most HYIPs tend to fold within 6 months, this does make sense.

Figuring out when to start withdrawing your profit is more of an art than a science.

For example, should I deposit a large amount and start withdrawing straight away? Or deposit a small amount and start withdrawing after one month?

This really depends on how long you think the HYIP is likely to last and how long it takes to get your original spend back.

To date, all HYIPs tend to either slow right down: like one of the original cyclers that has been around for 2 years and now have a 200 day+ cycle time; or they go out of business within 6 months.

Side Note: I believe some HYIPs have good intentions but fail to manage the business side of things correctly so they close shop. I don’t believe all HYIPs that disappear are scams.

Given the empirical evidence it’s best to plan your strategy based on the worst possible scenario.

A rule of thumb it is to withdraw your original investment as soon as possible then from there on keep half the profit and reinvest half.

I believe having a clear monthly plan is key to being successful with HYIPs. At the start of every month I ask myself the following question:

“What If one of my main investments goes under this month… will this be a problem for me?”

Based on the answer I can decide how much I should withdraw, how much I should reinvest and what new HYIPs I should join.

Our member hyipsurvival would like to add :

"One of the most important things to do in the hyip world is to get back the original spend as soon as possible, but the concept may also apply to the total investment made in hyips.
I mean, Mr.X wants to start investing in hyips and decides that the amount of money he can afford to risk is 1000$.
Probably one of his first moves will be depositing the 1000$ in one or more paying processors.
If we consider hyips as a single investment with multiple "moves", the first goal for Mr.X should be to have those 1000$ back in his bank account and not in the various paying processors (we all know that there are so many things that may go wrong in paying processors too).
So after getting back the total of his first investment in the hyip world, Mr. X can enjoy playing with profits.
This allows to play safer and to have a less stressful perspective about the single programs Mr. X wants to join"

Mistake 5: Getting greedy:
Making money with HYIPs isn’t really the problem. It’s keeping the money in our pocket that becomes difficult.

The temptation to reinvest every single cent to keep our profits growing is so great…

I remember a program that was paying 5% a day for 30 days. Every day I would wake up, check my egold account to find a nice little deposit. A couple of weeks pass and things are looking good, so I reinvested all of my profits. This goes on for about 3 months. By this stage I’ve grown my investment with this program by reinvesting all the profit. Now I can sit back and reap the rewards.

Unfortunately (you guessed it) the program stopped paying.

Obviously I got a bit greedy and wanted to multiply my profit quickly. As mentioned before a better approach might have been to reinvest half of the profit and take the rest to invest elsewhere.

Mistake 6: Doing what everyone else is doing:
It’s very interesting to watch some of the rating sites and how their Top Rated programs seem to fall one after the other. Maybe it’s because all HYIPs have a limited life-span? or is it because of all the rumours that start floating around once a HYIP gets in the spotlight? Or maybe, too much money coming in is too hard to resist!

I’ve learnt to mix my program selection with some well known HYIPs and some more obscure (yet established) programs.

My ideal HYIP is one that isn’t in the spotlight but has been paying successfully for a while (4 months or more).

Mistake 7: Saving up for one big withdrawal:
Some HYIPs seem to struggle when making large payouts. I recall a HYIP that became very popular all of a sudden after being rated high on one of the rating sites. Within 3 weeks a number of large investors had started requesting withdrawals. It quickly became apparent that the admins didn’t have the funds available to make the payments.

It’s possible that they were scammers who weren’t really investing the funds, but it’s all possible that they’d invested all the funds and didn’t have enough liquid funds to honour the withdrawal requests. Either way rumours flew and things spiralled badly. They were out of business within a couple of weeks.

I find that making small, regular withdrawals is often better for everyone.

Mistake 8: Investing without doing any research:
If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do when you find a promising HYIP is to do a whole heap of research. I’m usually hitting the spend button before you could say “google”!

But then came that time when I made a deposit only to find out 10 minutes later on one of the HYIP discussion sites that they haven’t been paying for the last 5 days. Oops!

I mean, seriously, how can these programs stay online even after they’ve been proven not to be paying! Someone must have forgotten to press the off button on many of these HYIP scripts.

So here are a couple of HYIP blacklists to check against before making a new spend:


Edit: (This is an old site, it's no longer updated. Better to ask in the Hyip Chatbox, or ask anyone in here. :) )

It’s even better to do a quick search on some of the big HYIP forums or even a Google search

A few minutes research can make a big difference to the end profit.

Mistake 9: Investing big at the end of the year:
Let me take you back to the end of 2004 … A hand full of solid HYIPs started to come out on top. More and more people invested big into these “safe, established, sure things”. Including yours truly.

Things were looking good.

It wasn’t until mid December that things started to fall apart, in a big way. One after one these established HYIPs started falling.

It’s true that online marketing hits rock bottom around Christmas time. People don’t have as much money to throw around. In fact, many people probably start withdrawing their HYIP profits around this time leading to a mini-HYIP-recession as it seems.

This is an established trend that seems to appear online year after year. I know I won’t be making any big investments coming into December.

Mistake 10: Not tracking your returns clearly:
Six months into HYIPs I realized that I was tracking the wrong things!

I was keeping track of all my individual deposits and withdrawals, which is great. But I didn’t have an overall picture of how my portfolio was performing.

I wasn’t able to say exactly how much I’d put in, what my portfolio is worth, my overall returns to date and my project returns for the coming month.

After experimenting with a few different Excel spreadsheet designs I realized that for me the key is to keep my tracking sheet very simple so I can see the big picture.

Here are some of the main things that I track for each HYIP:

- Name
- Web Site Address
- Investment (amount invested from Payment Processor , etc)
- Worth (what’s the current investment worth in this HYIP)
- Earnings (how much I’ve withdrawn from this HYIP into my own Payment Processor account, etc)
- Earning vs Investment ratio (what’s my profit/loss)
- Projected profit for next month
- Any comments, interest rate, concerns, etc.

This way I can list all the HYIPs on a single page with a total at the bottom.

By focusing on these high level numbers as opposed to the individual deposits/withdrawals I’m able to see the big picture, where I’m over exposed, where I’m having success and a lot more.

Putting together a suitable spreadsheet makes the daily task of tracking your HYIPs a pleasure.

So here is a summary of Everybody’s top mistakes:

Mistake 1: Spending too much too soon
Mistake 2: Not testing the withdraw function
Mistake 3: Focusing on individual programs instead of the overall plan
Mistake 4: Not getting your original spend back quickly
Mistake 5: Getting greedy
Mistake 6: Doing what everyone else is doing
Mistake 7: Saving up for one big withdrawal
Mistake 8: Investing without doing
Mistake 9: Investing big at the end of the year
Mistake 10: Not tracking your returns clearly

At the end of the day, making money with HYIPs is as much an art as it is a science. By setting and following your own rules you can dramatically reduce your risk of losing money and hopefully significantly tip the balance in your favour to make some serious returns.
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#11252 Hyip Mania’S Hyip Guide For Newbies

Posted by hyipmania on 31 March 2013 - 05:17 AM

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#8418 Hyip Portfolio Spreadsheet

Posted by hyip777 on 18 March 2013 - 11:27 PM

Hello everyone,

I know that PHF members have so many programs in their portfolio. Therefore I share an Excel spreadsheet to manage your portfolio. Hope this helpful for you :)


Spreadsheet screenshot:
Posted Image
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#16540 Top Basic Rules Of A 6 Months Hyip Player In Our Community

Posted by private34 on 10 May 2013 - 03:29 PM

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#421 My Story And My Vision Of Moderator In Our Community

Posted by Colaro on 13 November 2012 - 04:14 PM

Hello, I’m investing in hyips since 2009 year. I take it like a hobby and have fun too. I don’t rely on the income I make there. Sure they contribute to improve my daily life.
I have always been interested to make some money online. In fact, I tried lots of things : PTC, PTR, Affiliate Marketing, Surf Bar, PTS,...I've never succeeded to make decent money because of the hard work, time and promotion involved. I left and started spending more time on the hyips.
I invested in some hyips, got some payments but nearly all my choices were not profitable.
I made some more searches, bought an ebook about hyips and during my searches, I started to follow one popular French blog but the big revelation was PrivateHYIPBlog I found when searching info about a particular hyip.
I remember I was hooked by what I read, lots of truth in what was said. I remember I read lots of articles the first day.
What has really boosted my experience was the one shout box (yes there was only 1 chat box in the beginning) in PrivateHYIPBlog. Discussions in this chat was very interesting. I started to read it regularly then everyday. I made some good contacts and Friends here. I still keep good relations with some of them.
One year ago, hyipchat.com was born. There were only Krasek and Frank as moderators.
I wanted to be part of the mod team. I asked Frank to be a moderator. He accepted, I was glad, glad to give back to other people my knowledge and experiences.
Later, I “pushed” danrocks, a good and trusted friend, to join the team. I saw in danrocks an active member learning, helping people like me and fighting with me to get rid of the cheeleaders and the scammers.
Christopher and Nik are now part of the team for some time.
Hyipchat is the best hyip media Frank has added. I’m sure many old members and new members will agree with me.
This forum was created with the same spirit as hyipchat but to follow posts easier in a organized way.
The same mod team as hyipchat is present. You are free to express your opinions and your feelings here.
I expect from all members same fruitful exchanges, to respect each member’s opinions and sharing if you know something that can help a member.
Be warned, cheerleaders and irrespectful members will not be welcome here!

To our success,

Update 2012-12-01 :
Anthyp has decided to join us in the moderator team of hyipchat.com
As a veteran member and very long time member of our community, I'm pretty proud of how the team growed.
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#15058 Very Useful

Posted by blueidea on 24 April 2013 - 12:42 AM

I was always wondering why there is no such a place where all real people gather together. This place is really the right solution. Here you can find the real data you need to know where and when to invest. Thank you admin for creating the website and thank you all for participating in making this place very useful and friendly!

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#9141 3. A Hyip Scammer Confession - How They Make A Hyip Scam

Posted by Colaro on 22 March 2013 - 10:39 AM

Article from source money-monitor.com

Many thanks to our Silver Member Hyipsurvival who posted first that article in another thread.
I just put it there as I think it's the right place.

this text below is old but because everyday many new hyip investors come to the hyip industry it's worth reading it for them because top hyip scammers explain there how they prepare to scam and cheat people.

It is still actual and I am sure that this scheme is still used by some hyip admins. It explains how hyip scammers prepare their hyips, how they hide their identify and how they steal our money. It's a very educational article for hyip investors:

Dear Invex Ltd. Players,

This is a long message and will be the last news you will hear from us... until we open our next HYIP
We want, kindly, recommend you stop losing your time by looking after us. Anyway, for the cyber detectives, here is how we worked.

1- The basis is having 100% false ID documents. For $200 you get a really nice looking pack of documents, even nicer than legal ones

2- We rented a nice apartment with fast internet in a nice city near the sea, with false documents. We then bought a new desktop computer and a new laptop, installed some fresh programs.

3- We opened a bank account with false documents, put some cash on the account, and got a nice true debit card.

4- We opened e-gold accounts and funded them from the bank account above.

5- A bit later we opened e-bullion accounts, funded by... you, idiots who "invested"

OK? Now we have e-gold, internet, a place to sleep, eat etc, all without possibility to track us. A major question was "Must we open a real company". We decided that NO, as people are so stupid that they believe all what they read. And you know what? It is true Invex Ltd. and Lomax Group Corp. are pure fantasy

Okay, let's go to work now!

1- Opening a domain name and booking a server at the katzglobal scammers' best place, paying with e-gold.

2- Later, booking a dedicated server and paying with... the debit card coming from the bank account above

3- Renting Prolexic, and paying them by bank transfers from.... an e-gold exchanger The gold came from YOU idiots who "invested" !

To specialists who want to track us by the IP addresses, we kindly recommend you to use Google and look at JAP, Freenet, I2P, TORR, etc.
You will understand that our IP come from anywhere in the world, beeing chained between servers who cannot track them.
And even if so, the last IP address, the place where we lived, was this nice appartment near the sea, that we left some weeks ago Oh, the computers were given to a charity, after the hard disks were physically deleted

Other pros say "Let's track the money"! Great idea, but don't forget that even the ******* muslim terrorists cannot be tracked by the special services

How did we withdraw all your nice donations? That's easy, thanks to mygcard who supplied us hundreds of anonymous debit cards that our friedns and us used in various countries! Alain Vignard from mygcard received $20.000 cash in hands for helping us to find the ATM with no "$800/day limits", and telling us how to use the cards at the best. Well, Alain tried to scam us later, but that is another story

We also used bank transfers from the best exchangers, who have no problem at all sending $100,000 or $200,000 every 3 days to bank accounts in Panama, the BVI, etc Nice offshore places outside the EU and the US Track the money there, dear friends!

Oh, about exchangers, we worked with one of them from Australia, and where a bit afraid at the beginning, as he wrote on his website that he "verifies ALL data" from his clients. LOL ! His fee is 2%, we kindly offered him 2% more "to preserve our privacy" Look at our dialogue by email:

- HIM: 2% more is a good offer, but is your gold clean? We don't want to work with scammers.

- US: Of course, what are you thinking? We are honest businessmen and just want to keep a low profile.

- HIM: OK, i can see you are not scammers, just send me the gold and 4% fee instead of the regular 2%.

Thank you mister G. ))

As I am in a very good mood, I will also explain you something: Most of the biggest HYIP are run by us, a professional team. And when other scammers try to enter our market, BING! If they are interesting people we try to buy them, if not DDOS attacks make them shutdown To be sure our rating is the best one, we also pay the admins of a few monitoring programs, including the biggest and "most reliable" (LOOOOL) one!

Our business is to make money. We use 20% of the money we get to help poor and disabled people around each of us, 20% other is given to some "political" associations that fight against ISLAM (Hey guys from the Emirates, Bahrein, Kuwait, etc etc, did you read this? THANK YOU , and the balance is for us.

We have currently a dozen of HYIP running, are going to close some of them, and of course to open new ones! We are working like this since a few years, and all is working fine!

But you know, it IS possible to make profit from HYIP: Just do it QUICKLY! Look: teamaaronshara@bellsouth.net made $6,580 profit with us, including the commissions they got by sending YOU IDIOTS, to Invex. These people are really scumbags: They are making profit by making you lose!

As a clever guy told in some forum, "there were no guarantees, so no need to cry". YEP! We NEVER gave any guarantee to ANYBODY (unless Titanium plans, and you should notice that THESE guys do NOT cry on your forum, try to guess why...!), we even recommended those who ask for guarantees to go to their local bank They didn't? THEIR CHOICE!

When reading your forum and others, we really laugh! So, most of you were already scammed by other HYIP? By our HYIP maybe Anyway, it seems that you don't understand what a teenager is able to understand! So, you continue to "invest" here and there, and that is good... FOR US! For you, I am not sure When I see a GREAT SPECIALIST, the "Andrewunknown", proudly saying that he lost $40,000 into Invex but that he will recover from other HYIP, WE ARE LAUGHING, FALLING FROM OUR CHAIRS )))) Moreover in his list of "no ponzi", LOL, some of them are from us ))))

Now some personal messages:

- liquidteq@gmail.com threatened us to send "the FBI and the CIA against us" ) better you keep your energy to work and recover your $600 ONLY that you sent us, than saying such BS )))

- "AROBASE", "LUCIEN", "IGOR": YOU will be refunded partially, we contacted you some hours ago.

- "vanderschalk-group" is a clever guy: He made about $45k profit from Invex

- "ANATOLI" is the best one: he made about $170k profit from Invex, even with what we kept from him when we closed!

- lewisfargo, caro, anhvn06, ydna, janhkok, profitondemand, HIPsyD, promax, brewmanau, adtype13sg, , Johnnyslide, etc etc are also in big profit (Between $10k and $50k) from Invex.

Feel free to find and contact them to ask to share ))

Well that's all, folks! We are anyway in touch with a few of you through other HYIP, under other names of course! Good luck

Renaud, Kathy, Oliver, David.

PS. This mail has been sent from an internet public place, using a notebook setup with a false MAC address, a wifi connection, and we connect through an encrypted connection that involves JAP and TORR. Good luck to track us"

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#5218 A Heaven In Middle Of Endless Jungle

Posted by hyiptoon on 01 March 2013 - 09:29 PM

Just want to share some thoughts that are going on my mind from last week....

When I started my hyip journey back in 2011, if someone would have told me about this type of forum, I would not believe him.

In last couple of month, the way this forum has evolved, it is amazing. I am sure even Frank and Colaro would not have dreamed this pure, humble and caring community.

Everyone is trying to share, co-operate, willing to help, laugh, encourage, be with you when you are in loss....I can go on and on.....

This is a heaven in the endless jungle of MMG, TG, DTM, MNO.......

I want to keep going on....could not find words.... choking....(English is not my native language)

May GOD help us grow like we never imagined before....

One Love....
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#2761 Lr $225 For Three Best Avatar In Phf

Posted by hyipfever on 09 February 2013 - 05:03 PM

LR $225 For Three Best Avatar In PHF

How I wish every one in this forum has his own avatar so that our forum will look brighter,
livelier, vibrant, filled with life, powerful, energetic, and enthusiastic....

At the end of the year I am going to pick/ choose 3 (three) persons who have the best avatar in my opinion. 

What I am looking for:
a. Sharp and good quality of pictures with high definition / pixels.
b. Vivid (producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind)
c. Meaningful to you (something close to your heart)

First Winner     LR $100
Second Winner LR $75
Third Winner     LR $50
Total.              LR $225

Closing date: 20 December 2013

When I announce the name of the three winners on this thread at the end of the year, please quickly summit / PM your Liberty Reserve account numbers to me. I will immediately transfer the funds to your respective wallets. Good luck.

Now please share with us the steps you have taken to display your avatar in this forum,
so that you may help new comers to create their own avatar.
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#21841 Laptop Maintenance

Posted by Vis on 29 September 2013 - 04:14 PM




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#2742 Php Payouts Testimonials

Posted by Colaro on 09 February 2013 - 11:53 AM

Post here your payouts when you are getting paid a share of our money pool.
Only payouts, other posts will be deleted by the moderation team.

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#2699 Jokes On Men & Women Relationship

Posted by hyipfever on 08 February 2013 - 04:59 PM


A few minutes before the church services started, the congregation was sitting in their pews and talking. Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. 

Everyone started screaming and running for the back entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate. Soon the church was empty except for one elderly gentleman who sat calmly in his pew without moving, seemingly oblivious to the fact that God's ultimate enemy was in his presence. 

So Satan walked up to the man and said, 'Do you know who I am?' 
The man replied, 'Yep, sure do.' 
Aren't you afraid of me?' Satan asked. 
'Nope, sure ain't.' said the man. 
Don't you realize I can kill you with one word?' asked Satan. 
Don't doubt it for a minute, ' returned the old man, in an even tone. 
'Did you know that I can cause you profound, horrifying agony for all eternity?' persisted Satan. 
Yep,' was the calm reply. 
'And you're still not afraid?' asked Satan. 
'Nope,' said the old man. 
More than a little perturbed, Satan asked, ' Why aren't you afraid of me?' 
The man calmly replied, 'Been married to your sister for 48 years.'
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#26701 Rossman's Phf Testimonial

Posted by Rossman01 on 03 September 2014 - 07:05 PM

This is my PHF Testimonial.


I'm Rossman01 - I hail for the West Coast of the USA.  I've loved gambling since I was a kid and one day while being bored from my typical online activities such as, Facebook, CarbonPoker, My own favorite poker forum (Forum name with-held), Bitcoin and various casino type websites; I stumbled upon a HYIP which I fell in love with (Doesn't matter what it was called, it promptly scammed, lol) - But I found this forum along the way.




I looked around a little - fumbled through alot of intro posts and liked what I saw in the way of advice.  Then I met some of the local lurkers, and found them to be as friendly and helpful as the advice posted. - So I became a member and found I had some content to share - I liked the response I received, and kept it up....( ieven have stopped leaking money out the hole in my pocket (wink!))


Lo and behold, a mere month or two later, My new family rewards me with a share of their profits (Wow! Who is going to do that for a person they just met, Thanks again, guys)


Well.  I just want to say, "Wow, what a great, family-friendly, and knowledgeable and helpful forum this really is.  It's a great forum and you should give the place a visit, Come join the Family!!



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#23321 Php Current List Of Eligible Activities With Points

Posted by Colaro on 01 February 2014 - 11:10 AM

Latest update on 2014-04-03 :

- Activities #22 and #23 have been added


Hello Member or Visitor,


The PrivateHYIPPool Rewards Program aims at rewarding with free cash our best active members.

The activity of a member is measured in terms of points available in different balances of the member's account.


Any member in our forum who has at least Basic status has three balances measured in number of points in their account.
The Active Points Balance (APB) : This is the main balance of a member. This balance is increased or decreased for activities which are not related to new programs introduction.
This balance has to reach at least a minimum level (currently 300 points) to allow a member to get a part of our money pool.
Two balances are meant to count the number of points accumulated for activities below :
- New CONFIRMED Programs introduction
- Points acquired every week as long as the program introduced by the member is still paying
Points earned from these activities are considered as passive points and the only possibility offered to the member is to convert with conditions those passive points into active points. 
Contrary to active points, passive points are NEVER cleared at the beginning of a new month.
Also passive points enable a member to keep their active account with us whatever the number of points in APB Balance.
Here are the two passive points balances :
- The Pending Passive Points Balance (PPB) : When a member introduces a new CONFIRMED program, points earned from this activity go to this balance.
As long as members who would have joined the program at the date of program introduction, have not reached BEP, some weekly points are added to this balance as long as the program is still paying.
If the program scams with losses for members, this balance is decreased by the number of points acquired when introducing the program and by the weekly points already earned for the program.
- The Convertible Passive Points Balance (CPB) : As soon as a member who would have joined a program at the date of program introduction, reached BEP, the PPB acquired for the program by the introducer are automatically converted into CPB points.
Moreover, new weekly points are now added to this balance as long as the program is still paying.
All or a part of the CPB balance can be converted into APB points which are added to the current APB balance of the member.
Requests to ask for a number of CPB points to be converted into active points have to be done in the dedicated thread.



You will find below the current activities the program proposes. Each activity can add points to member's balances (bonus activities) or substract points from member's balances (malus activities).


The more a member has points, the more cash they can earn!


Only members who have at least Basic Member status participate automatically in the program. If you are a visitor and you are interested by our program, we invite you to read first our forum rules.


BONUS ACTIVITIES - Points are added to your main balance or APB


#1 : Royal Bonus - Surprise bonus for you offered by the administration at the end of lifetime of a program if you introduced a program with most members in PHF in profit (Ref com are excluded)
#2 : 60 points to welcome you as a Basic Member only when your have introduced properly to our community 
#4 : 40 points for submitting a good article in the forum
#5 : 40 points per month for voting for your favorite picks - Reply in the Programs list topic to tell us that you have voted
#6 : 40 points for giving a good hand to any investor
#7 : 30 points for giving useful suggestions and/or feedback about general things in our forum to the administrators
#8 : 20 points weekly where at least an update is done in the member's dedicated page (Forex Page, Portfolio page, Sports betting page,...)
#9 : 20 points for posting useful updates on programs (not copy/pasted updates from programs)
#10 : 20 points for posting a warning when program stopped paying
#11 : 20 points for welcoming a new member in our community with some tips by the way
#12 : 20 points for submitting a red flag alert about a program
#14 : 20 points for introducing unnamed programs and for giving interesting feedback on unnamed programs
#15 : 10 points for posting regular payouts in dedicated shoutbox (use the same username so we can recognize you)
#16 : 10 points for posting breaking news in dedicated shoutbox (use the same username so we can recognize you)
#17 : 10 points per dollars contribution to money pool (in terms of referral commissions received or donation amount received). If your dollars contribution total is equal or greater than $30 :
- Your seat is booked for a chance to get a part of money pool
- To get more points than the minimum points required to get a seat (300 points) and so increasing your chance to get a share of the pool, you have to participate in other activities.
BONUS ACTIVITIES - Points are added to your PPB Balance
#3 : From 50 up to 100 points for introducing new confirmed programs on specific discussions folder depending on the quality of the introduction and quality of program introduced. A confirmed program is a program you have good probability the program makes us profit. Unconfirmed programs have to be confirmed to get points.
#13 : 20 points added to the starter of a program for every week that the program lasts (points credited on weekends if program is still paying). The process stops WHEN a potential investor who would have invested the same day as program introduction, has reached Break Even Point
BONUS ACTIVITIES - Points are added to your CPB Balance
#13 : 20 points added to the starter of a program for every week that the program lasts (points credited on weekends if program is still paying). The process starts ONLY WHEN a potential investor who would have invested the same day as program introduction, has reached Break Even Point
MALUS ACTIVITIES - Points are substracted from your main balance or APB
#18 : All points cancelled (go back to zero point) if not respecting forum rules
#19 : 30 points for bad behaviour with other members
#20 : 30 points for introducing deliberate fast scams in specific program discussions folder 
MALUS ACTIVITIES - Points are substracted from your PPB Balance
#21 : When a program scams with losses, the PPB Balance of the member who introduced the program is deducted by the PPB Balance acquired for the program (introduction points + weekly points are lost). 
#22 : This activity meant to convert CPB points into APB points. To be requested by the member.
#23 : When a member has reached BEP for a program introduced in our forum, all the PPB points acquired by the introducer for the program are converted automatically into CPB points. Those CPB points are added to the CPB Balance of the introducer. 
During a month, if a member has introduced more than two fast scams, the member is banned during 1 month for introducing new programs.
Members who introduce a program have to send at least to Colaro and Anthyp a screenshot of their deposit (for confirmed programs).
Members who are banned for current month for posting new programs can only earn the fixed rate of the money pool if they are eligible.
They can also not be our forum sponsors (the reasons are obvious as they tend to be followed). In such cases, we take members who are ranked below.


Q1 : How do we consider a loss in a fast hyip ?


A1 : As fast is very risky and most of them last a few days, we prefer focusing only on the best quality fasts. Fasts that you introduce to us should last at least 10 days to be considered not a loss. There are very few hyips which can acheive that, usually managed by experienced and fair admins.


Q2 : How do we consider a "not fast scam" Moneybox Type Program ?


A2 : We will consider a moneybox type program a program which allows to get principal back anytime.

Program has to either pay for 20 days either has enabled 20% profit (one of both has to be verified) since the introduction in our forum.

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#20069 Hitler Knows Where To Invest

Posted by Colaro on 27 July 2013 - 10:00 AM

Just falled into this video. I have had a good laugh from the beginning until the end.







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#19477 Suggestions For Improvement

Posted by Colaro on 11 July 2013 - 06:31 PM

I want to go further with this idea and do a monthly TOP 10 Passive Income Programs. For those who read PrivateHYIPBlog for some time, you know that Frank published some months ago a TOP 10 picks article.


The administration and upgraded members propose a list of passive income programs. Then in the middle of a month, we send a short news to all members of our forum. We ask them to vote for their best program(s) among this list of passive income programs.

At the same time, a vote is organized between upgraded members only. We let 15 days to make a vote. In the beginning of new month, a TOP 10 Passive Income programs is published in a dedicated thread in our forum, one with all member's votes and one with only upgraded member's votes. 

And the good thing : this TOP 10 valid for 1 month will contain referral links composed of....the ref link of the thread starter of the program (if a thread already exists otherwise a contest will be organized & the winner will have their ref link used. We will not communicate when those contests will be organized so if you are lucky to be logged into our forum and answer correctly to the question, your ref link will be selected).


I see many benefits for our forum. Members who visit us not very often will have very few chances to have their ref link in our TOP 10. Also members who make efforts and start threads for good programs (using our template) will be rewarded with their ref link for one month  :) It could be worth spending 5 minutes to do a little due diligence to a program you like and start a thread!

This TOP 10 can be a good panel of programs to choose for our newbies who don't know where to invest.

We will ask members selected to have their links to put a part of their referral commissions to our money pool. If they don't send any money to our pool, we reserve the right to put a 1 month penality.

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#14596 Private Hyip Forum Vs. Talkgold And Moneymakergroup

Posted by vuedoolor on 20 April 2013 - 03:21 PM

WOWWWW!!! After browsing other hyip forums like talkgold and moneymakergroup I am SSSSSOOOOO GLAD that I have found PHF. The people in those 2 forums are only interested in getting people to join through their affiliate links and want nothing to do with helping or answering any of your questions is what I have noticed. Those 2 forums are nothing but a Big Market Place and other investors awaiting for unsuspecting victims. It really is a jungle out there and you better watch out cause they prey on the new. This is the only HYIP forum that doesn't have a bunch of useless posts the other 2 forums just have a bunch of cheer leading posts, nothing useful, no intelligent conversations, no guides just straight to the point of I want your money no more no less lets get to it, so if you're in there you either swim or you drown and there is no life guards around.


The environment in PHF vs those others is VERY different and I hope it stays this way. I don't want it to grow too big and filled with hungry sharks teething your wallet. Can growing too big decrease the value we have in here?


The only good use I have made of talkgold and moneymakergroup is that I have set up instant email notification on certain forums/threads so that I get notify of new programs coming out other than that those 2 forums I found to be pretty useless but may be good if you're trying to get some referrals with forum signature spamming.


This was on my mind so just my way of venting and also very grateful to of found a REAL community of REAL talks about HYIP and making money online.

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#10100 Do You Think Inviting An Hyip Admin In Our Forum Is Dangerous?

Posted by Nik on 26 March 2013 - 05:51 AM

Who the hell is "genuine" admin?
They are here to steal our money, we are here to cheat them first.
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#8639 General Forum Updates - Please Read!

Posted by Colaro on 19 March 2013 - 07:05 PM

The PayCode you wish has to be sent by PM to me BEFORE I process the payouts at the end of the month.
I will link it to your account for the monthly payout. The PayCode is only to avoid paying a scammer who could take your forum name and ask for payment.
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